Thursday, November 18

Life without Mommy

Not only have I been taking care of the kids all week, but now I am Blogging. I am officially Mr. Mom!

With Jeni out of town I have been given the opportunity to see Natalie and Boots up close and personal, and the only time things are not crazy is when they are asleep. Here are a few pictures of the kids that Jeni requested.

Yes, eggs in the living room.

In addition to pictures I thought I might tell a few funny stories that happend this week.
Natalie and Boots play very well together, a little too well at times, and the bath is no exception. It seems like after every bath there is more water on the floor than in the tub. They are so silly.

The funniest thing that they have been doing this week in the tub is playing with “magic”. They have these cups, bowls, and bottles that they have collected and filled with “magic”. It is just water. They keep telling me that it is “magic” and I can’t dump it out after their bath. So I obliged, thinking there are worse battles to fight. They like to slowly pour the water over real and make believe injuries. For example, Boots has a hurt ankle so Natalie, like a good big sister, pours the magic on his leg.

During their bath today, I had stepped away for a little bit, I noticed that Natalie was able to fill up an entire Dr. Pepper (Diet) bottle with “magic” in a very shallow tub. Being curious I asked Natalie if she could reenact the filling of her bottle for me. She agreed and began to dip her bottle into the toilet. Long story short, all the “magic” water was from the toilet. Natalie and her sidekick Ponce de Leboots had been bathing their selves in heavy doses of “magic” toilet water. What a classic Dad move.

I can’t stand listening to kid’s music, so I have been probing Nat and Boots all week to find an artist that we can all agree on. I think I found one. Now when we get in the car the first thing they will ask is, “Daddy please can we listen to Chicken please?” They can’t say Dixie Chicks so they have shortened it to Chicken. Needless to say, we have been listening to a lot of Chicken these last few days.

The last story is a classic. Last night around 3:30 am I woke up with some serious thirst. You know when you wake up and you feel like you just ran a marathon in the desert. Anyway, I was thirsty. So I walk towards the kitchen when I see the appearance of the refrigerator light on. I thought to myself, did I leave the door open?

As soon as I turned the corner my question was answered. Boots was sitting there in his “bones” pajamas with his back leaned up against the refrigerator door so it would stay propped open. He not only had a mouth full of pre-cooked bacon but two fists full as well. When he saw me turn the corner he didn’t have the normal response of, oh man dads awake. He just looked at me and said, “BACON”!! I couldn’t be mad at him, so I grabbed a bottled water and we sat down at the table for him to finish the seven pieces of bacon that were in his hands. He finished his bacon, I finished my water, and then we both went to bed. That kid is crazy.

Anyway, it has certainly been an adventure this week and I look forward to the next few days. That said, I am anticipating Jeni’s return like a 10 year old does Christmas. We love you mommy and can’t wait to see you soon.


Jeni said...

That is sick. Wash the bathroom and throw away the magic bottles.
Those kids are nuts.

BrittanyB said...

Oh wow, that's all I can say is wow. . . and I'll be laughing for days about bacon.

aidanjordan said...

A) I am very impressed, Brian. If I were ever out of town I don't think Jeremy would even know how to log in, let alone POST something.
B) Love the magic.
C) Wow, Boots. I love you even more now. You can come over and eat bacon with me anytime.

abby and paxton said...

haha that is hilarious. All of it. What clever kids-- magic water. Boots is one silly boy.
I've been thinking about you this week Brian. Keep up the good work. I think Hob would be exhausted taking care of the kids all day for a week!

Brenda said...

this post made me laugh for like 10 minutes - I heart your kids!

Calloways said...

Brian you made me laugh! How funny. And I'm impressed that you posted!!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Best blog evvvvvvvvvvvvvver.

chase said...

"Ponce de Leboots" genius...