Saturday, November 6


I have spent the entire day today disinfecting my house, washing clothes, washing sheets, really washing everything. Brian and I both came down with a BRUTAL flu 2 nights ago. I wont share the GOREY details, but we were in the bathroom most of the night. The worst part of it was having Courtney to feed. At one point I was feeding her, and had a bowl under my chin. Sick. Poor girl. Fevers, Chills, and muscle aches followed all day yesterday. Today is a new day though and I woke up STARVING and feeling 100%! I really hate the flu. It is the worst ever. I am just sooo glad that my kids didn't get it!

While I was cleaning the kitchen today I looked up at the little white board on the fridge. I noticed some notes I had written to myself. Let me back up, I have a horrible memory... REALLY HORRIBLE, and so I make notes to myself to help me remember things. My calendar is always WAY too crowded because I write everything down. Lately I have been feeling like there are tons of things that happen in the day that I want to blog about but I forget by the time i sit down. So I decided to write them down. I was reading what it said and I read "talking blanket" I have NO IDEA what that is, or what it means, or what I was gonna say about it. That is sad, when I cant remember why I wanted to remember something.
This is my bed every morning. There isn't much better than waking up to this, except sleeping in!
Disciplining is really hard for me, not because I am a softy but because my kiddos don't really listen to me. I have taken the next step as to threaten and give cold showers instead. Otherwise they just laugh at me when I try to discipline. Regardless, Natalie has hit the stage where she knows what happens when she is bad, trouble. She also knows that she can get boots to do anything she wants. So every so often I hear "BOOTS!! I want to tell you a secret!" She whispers something and then he goes off to do the dirty work. She thinks that he will get in trouble, but I am no dumby... She gets the brunt of the bad.
Lil baby Q has found her smile too... I LOVE the fresh new baby smile!
Here are the straggling pictures from John and Emma's visit. Our kids are all the same ages, and the opposite sex, so we have 3 chances so far to get these kids together...


Ryan and Meagan said...

The stomach bug SUUUUCks. Before we moved, Ryan and I got it and thankfully we were still with my mom, and I wasn't nursing anymore, so we passed off Brin and said adios for 2 days. I literally did NOT leave my room for 2 days. EW. Being sick sucks but it helped me appreciate being healthy 99% of the year!!

Boo but I just got over a nasty head cold. Thankfully, it only lasted for about 5 days and I feel great!

Courtney is SOOOOO cute and chubby. You need to get Jill to bring her new BF to Dallas for Thanksgiving!!!

Miller Time said...

Courtney's flower looks so cute!! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Proud Momma said...

I love little baby's like there are so many muscles and they don't know what to do with them!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Awe Jeni you have the cutest kids! I have never had to barf while nursing. I'm soooo sorry for you. The crocheted blankie from Brian is so sweet! I can't believe he knows how to do that! You are indeed lucky to have your family...forever too!