Wednesday, December 1


I am super overwhelmed. I think I am having some anxiety about my life right now.

So the little stuff of every day right? Entertaining, feeding, and caring for 3 kiddos. This doesn't stress me out, I love it. My job rocks. potty time, time outs, accidents, temper tantrums... you know, the routine stuff.

Then there is the seasonal things. I am trying to get everything ready for Christmas. I have gone home to Calgary and spent it with my family every year since we have been married, 5 years, and this year we decided to stay here. I have always put up decorations and bought presents, but there is something about it that is freaking me out. The house is decorated all except a very key element. The outside lights. I have always wanted these done, and now that the kids are older, I know they would love them. ENTER scrooge, Brian hates decorations for some reason. And so he also hates being in charge of anything, including outdoor lights. So I bought some under the assumption that he would JUST DO IT for me. When I got home he told me that I better figure out a way to attach them. So then he thought maybe a staple gun, and he goes and buys it at the store. "Ah" I think "Finally, he is going to get this done!" WRONG! He came in yesterday and asked when I am going to get these lights put up. And even saying stuff like "I cant believe you would let your wife up that high on a ladder and the roof!" didn't even do anything to effect his decision. All I can say is that I am glad my Dad is coming in to town tomorrow for the weekend, I can tell you right now he WILL NOT have me be up on the roof!
That AND trying to figure all of our gifts out. I dont know why it is getting so hard for me.

So the anxiety starts...

I know that all sounds ridiculous, and it is, but my heart is literally skipping beats and racing in my chest every time I think about it.

THEN I start to think about my mouth. I had a pain below my nose this summer and thought I would have my dentist check it out. Abscess, so I got a root canal. The root canal was unsuccessful and the pain is WAY worse now, eating and smiling kill me. So I know the next step, which is an implant etc is in the VERY near future. As in next few weeks future. Well my dentist lives in Canada, my passport is expired, and it just doesn't make sense for me to go up there to get all of these procedures done. So I have been on the hunt here and it is just stressing me out.

*heart racing again*

To top it all off, I went out today in a hunt for an advent calendar... Ikea was sold out and walmart didn't get any in this year. WHAT?! Crazy right? That's what I think. Now I want to make one of my own, which just adds to my craft to do list that has been sitting on my desk for 2 months (beside my passport papers to get our passports up to date).

Basically... Mom can you just come see me tomorrow? Thanks! See you soon!!

MONDAY - That someone else did the dishes and not me. (and i didn't even have to ask)
TUESDAY - easy dinners to make out of cans and seasonings. CHILI!
TODAY- Showers that are hot, after 3 days of none (by choice, gross I know)

BRIAN MONDAY- John Grisham and the Rainmaker
BRIAN TUESDAY- Texas Legends ( season ticket holders)
BRIAN TODAY- Justin and Andrea, because they are just awesome friends!


Ryan and Meagan said...

JENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII that sounds intense. That was mean leading up to Halloween with Brin's birthday. When we finally go to that weekend, I broke down. I was SO tired and not wanting to do ANYTHING. Ahhhhhhhhhhh....

BUT this year, we are at my Mom's and she has a LIST of decorating for me to do. SO excited to have all the stuff already and not have to worry about making crafts, etc.

Go buy a vanilla spice candle. Changed my life yesterday.

Proud Momma said...

I hear ya! EVerytime I leave a toy store I remember something I should have bought for their stockings! It's a little more stressful when you have to fill your own kids stockings right? ;)

Make a priority list and calendar everything so you have a plan for the next 3'll be able to breathe better...and mom is coming so you're lucky!

THat is funny about Dad...our fireplace isn't working and I said to Sean "You better fix that and not wait until Dad gets here because you know he'll do it!"

Love you

Alysha said...

We simplify Christmas. The kids each get 3 gifts, just like the Savior. One's usually a book, the other something they really want (within reason) and then something fun. The whole family usually gets a couple movies and a game. Done.
PLUS gotta love online shopping ;)

Hopefully you can get your dad to put the lights up. YOU BETTER NOT!!

emblair said...

I feel your pain with Christmas lights. Jeremy downright refuses. So I have to do it myself. I'm clumsy enough as it is, so I just stick to the bushes out front. Still bums me out every year though. What's with the bah-hum-buggers?!

Wiseguys said...

Yeah, I knew there was no way anything would get done at our house if I didn't do it while I had help. So I had my brother and my brother-in-law do the lights. (yay for husbands who are good cooks, but NOT great with helping outside :) There are 2 dentists in my ward. I would definitely trust them. So if you need a recommendation, let me know. Switching dentists is so hard. I still use mine in KS. Luckily I don't need a passport to get there, though.

Emma and John said...

I'm so sorry about your tooth!! John feels your pain. And I hear you- it's hard to get stuff done besides taking care of kids when you have three little ones! I'm glad your dad is coming :)