Tuesday, October 30

woof, meow, rrrrrrr

I love Halloween. I love dressing up, and Brian doesn't. So we didn't dress up this year for our ward trunk or Treat. The kids however did and they were super sweet! Puppy, Kitty, and Batman. Now, Batman didn't have any pants(since mom is awesome and hasn't bought him any pants this year) so he wore his shorts with his dress socks and shoes. He chose them and when I asked him if that is what he was sure he wanted to wear, Natalie looked over and said "I think he looks handsome!" Not that he didn't already have the confidence to wear them, but now he really did. The kids loves to be handsome. It was freezing and the trunking didn't last more than 30 minutes and we were gone again home. As for tomorrow night, we will see if they want to be the same, which I hope so since I made Natalie's costume this year. Thanks to some hot glue, it was a piece of cake!! 

I also let them each choose out some fabric so that I could make them little trick or treating bags for the to carry. They were super easy and turned out pretty cute!
Natalie also had her very first field trip as a kindergartner  She also went to the pumpkin patch and we had so much fun. I got to go as a parent volunteer and it was fun to see her interacting with her friends. There is a little boy in her class who I am pretty sure has a crush on her, and I think she does on him too. He wanted to hang out with her and sit by her the whole day and she avoided him to the point where he almost started to cry. I had to find his mom and tell her sorry. I felt so bad for the poor kid. We got to pick a pumpkin, do a hay maze, ride a hayride, and feed the nasty animals. Her favorite part of the day was a toss up between riding a bus for the first time in her life, and getting early dismissal with me afterward! 

We have now received some more of our furniture and I am starting to get some things put together as rooms that feel done. I also have realized that once I start focusing on one thing, I loose focus on everything else. I start making a room look complete, I forget about laundry (which I have 6 loads to fold), I start on laundry and I forget about my online classes I need to work on. I start my classes and I forget all about cleaning the house, or reading with the kids, or my calling, or cooking, or going to the gym. I swear my life is like a pick and choose type of deal. I cant get everything done that I need to and so parts of my life are left in the dust. I am yet to find my balance. HELP!! I will get there. I have to realize that something just have to be put behind me for a few days and aren't that important, so I can take care of #1. ME! Its really hard to do that.

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Iron Dan said...

Baaaaaaaa, baaaaaaa. I like the cat costume. she is a natural