Sunday, October 21

I'm old, no She's Old.

Im all backed up with blogging... We just moved into our house on Monday  and then we didn't get internet until Friday so I was without anything for a long time it felt like!!

But, I know that I am old because I have a 6 year old. It sounds cliche, but where has the time gone? It really seems like just yesterday that I had her in the hospital. The time went so quickly, that now she is in Kindergarten and 6 years old.

Well Miss Natalie, you are a blessing and a joy to have in our home. You have a beautiful smile that brightens my day and you are a gorgeous little girl. You are sweet and kind, and you can get very silly.
I really dislike mornings with you, because you are a sassy pants every morning, but you are lucky you are cute. It has taken you 6 years to grow the sweet cute hair you now are sporting. You have been bald for so many years, and now I love fighting you to do your hair!!

You are so smart and have the BEST memory I have ever seen, which says a lot since mine is horrible. You love school and LOVE to go to art class. Crafts and coloring are your favorite and one day you want to grow up to be an artist, well an animal Dr but an artist on the side. You are so smart and can do whatever you set your mind to. You love to sing and you are a very good singer too! I love to watch you learn new things and help the people around you. You have a very sensitive heart and love to make new friends. You can be very shy, but once you open up, you are anyone's best friend.

You are beautiful. Happy Birthday!
We had a very special day on Monday, which was her birthday. She got a delish cookie bouquet  which she very kindly shared with me. She doesn't know how much she shared with me, but lets just say I ate more than one. Those things are so stinkin good!!
Then at school that day, I brought in cupcakes and they sang Happy Birthday to her. IT was fun to see her interact with her class a little bit. 
After school, the big surprise and gift this year was an American Girl doll, so we headed down and got to choosing one out for her. This was especially fun, considering this is her first one!! She took a long time to chose, but found the perfect one!!
We didn't do a special dinner or cake that day, but it will come soon. We just had moved into our house and I didn't want to deal with a party too. So one of these days we will do that. s


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Natalie's hair is so adorable!! She is such a beautiful girl. Dying for some house updates about moving in and pictures!!!

aidanjordan said...

Happy Birthday to Natalie!

Meagan M said...

Seriously...when did we grow up?? Natalie's adorable and I can't believe she's 6!! I totally want to see pics of the new house...since I won't be buying a new house any time soon, I just have to live through others!