Thursday, October 11

Thats Fair...

One thing that I have loved, of the MANY, about living in Texas is the Texas State Fair. I think it is so much fun, especially fun to try all the yummy food that is there. I have lived here for 7 fairs now and this was my 3rd time to go to the fair. Brian is what you would call "the anti-fair" so he stayed home with sick fevery Boots and squirmy Courtney and let me and Natalie have a fun evening there with Lib and her family.
 The kids had a ton of fun! We rode the over expensive faris wheel and a few other rides. We played some games, pet some stinky animals, saw some sweet cars, and ate a lot of fried goodness! Natalie insisted on eating 2 of her favorite foods, turkey leg and cotton candy. The turkey leg was the size of her head. I am not kidding. It was huge... and really expensive! 

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