Wednesday, October 24

Busy Bee's

First of all, I am exhausted. I haven't had a nap in longer than I can remember. Well, I just woke up from one. I didn't even know I was falling asleep!! We closed last Monday and have been moving in ever since. First we took trips from the storage unit with car fulls of boxes. Then Friday Brian got a group together to make the move with everything else. Our garage was jammed and I was so surprised that we had SO much stuff!! 
We dont have furniture, since we put our old stuff upstairs in the media room and in the playroom. We have ordered our new couch and are slowly getting things together for there. It took a few days to get a kitchen table here too, so breaky, lunch, and Din were at the window seat, or on the floor with blankets. 
It is hard to feel settled when you don't have furniture, or a clue of how to start organizing all your "stuff". Our bedroom and closet are the next place that I don't know where to start or what to do. It is just such a huge task, and again we are waiting on our new bed to arrive! We have finally made the upgrade to a king size. Then there is a lot of furniture from our old house that I would like to refinish and use in this house as well, but that takes time, and space to be able to do that. Ug. Just so much to do and overwhelming to me. 
It doesn't help that I was trying to help Brian get the media room all put together, as that was his baby... So I decided to get it all painted. He wanted dark blue, so dark blue I went. It was more of a BYU blue, and wants navy, so that will now have to be repainted. :( Can you say waist of my time? Yes.
Lastly, I haven't cooked dinner fully in months. I am thinking it has probably seen about 7, well I have put together a meal menu for the week and I am 2 nights into cooking and it is great!!! I love my new kitchen and cooking in it!! I have missed it A LOT! 



BrittanyB said...

I love your floors, and your window seat!

jayme said...

Fun times!

Kelly said...

awesome! and this also makes me want to barf since we just put our house on the market and moving is so hard! love what I see!