Monday, October 8

Happy Cana-giving

Whats better than having AWESOME friends come into town for a few days, when you get to take them to all your favorite places to place and you eat way too much everywhere you go? Then watch conference and have Thanksgiving dinner? Nothing beats it. It is the best. 
We had our dear friends John and Emma come into town last week and we got to do all of that. I am now 10 lbs heavier, I feel like I just went on an all you can eat cruise. I have got to stop that! haha 
We started the week off with going to Top Golf with my sister and hubby too. Love that place. And they have killer wings! Cause it always comes back to the food you know! 
Then we shopped and ate some more, the boys went to The Rangers playoff game, which they sadly lost. Talk about bad luck. They did that last year too. And they lost last year too! haha 
So then we went to Kenny burgers for lunch, then onto Six Flags, without kids, which was so much fun. I love the adrenaline I feel when I go on roller coasters. I love that feeling! It just so happened to be a cold front that came through that day so we froze in 50 degrees!! IT was cold. But after our long day there we ended it with some of our favorite South American Cuisine, La Duni. Some Quatro Leches cake was just the right way for me to end the night! 
We then watched conference. I love General Conference. Getting to hear the Prophet and his apostles speak 2 times a year just isn't enough, but I love when we have the opportunity to hear the words so carefully prepared and inspired for us to hear. It is a very wonderful and spirit filled weekend. I am already looking forward to re-listening to the talks over and over! 

Well since today is Canadian Thanksgiving  and we have so many Canadians here (my cousin Heather and family, sister Lib and family, and my newly moved to po-dunk North Texas Friend Stacey and family) we all got together for a fabulous feast after Conference yesterday! It was so yummy and the company was of course so much fun! I love being able to be close to people that I love and remember why family and friends are so important. 
John and Emma left, I am sure they missed their kids, but I hated to see them leave. We LOVED having them come. I just wish we could have had them come once we were in our house and stay there. NEXT time they, or anyone else comes though, we will be in... since our final walk through is TOMORROW!!!!! 
I can not share how excited I am. I am not only excited to have my own space and make my own noise without worrying about who I am bothering or waking up, but I can also lounge around in my jammies and leave dishes in the sink if I don't feel like doing it. I am excited to COOK some food. I feel like I haven't cooked since before our old house was for sale, so it has been since May I think! Hopefully getting into a new beautiful kitchen will inspire me to cook cook cook and get back on track! 
I am REALLY excited to decorate everything and get new furniture and make it my own beautiful style! Own last home was beautiful and I loved it so much, but I don't think I knew what kind of style I loved, and so it ended up being a mishmash of all things donated to us (which I cant complain, it was all beautiful and we will still be moving it all with us!)! So now, we can buy our own to furnish and make a new home! I am NOT looking forward to waiting to do the above mentioned purchasing. I know that this will take some time to get it just how we want it, and I am totally OK with that, because in the end we will get what we want! So Here's to hoping the walk through tomorrow goes well and we can still close on the date we are supposed to... next Monday! 


jayme said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Emma and John said...

yay have fun at the walk through! I'm sooo excited for you guys- I loved the house and am extremely jealous :) What a fun trip...we can't wait to see you again!