Sunday, October 14


The weather has gotten beautiful here, 80's and perfect.  We have been loving the park. I remember when Natalie was my only baby and I was so eager to get in there and help her slide and I was so protective over the bigger kids getting too close, or her falling down some little stairs at the park or going too fast down the slide. That all sure dose change with your 3rd child. I go to the park to finally sit down and relax. Courtney is the only one left that cuts into this relaxation time I long for. She is a swing addict and cant get enough of it! She is also always wanting "my nack" or a snack as others know it. So parks are for swinging and eating only in her books. 
It is so fun and such a blessing to have fabulous people to meet up with at the park too. Love to have my sister here and so close so we can hang out after school and let the kids play, instead of calling on the phone and wishing we were close. We are actually close and it is so wonderful! 
Funny story from the car yesterday. We were driving out to soccer and boots had brought some cheese crackers with the peanut butter in the middle of them. He was eating one and was trying to pullt he crackers apart to eat the middle filling. Natalie saw this and immediatly said to him "boots! dont do that with crackers, it wont be good! you can only do that with Oreos." At least she knows the good stuff right? 

Tomorrow is a big day in our family. First my darling sweet Natalie will be turning 6. I cant believe that she has blessed our lives for that long. She is soo sweet and wonderful and full of drama and we love to have her around us all the time. 
Second, We are closing on our new house tomorrow! THIS is super exciting!! I am dying to sleep in the new house tomorrow night, but we will see. I could care less if I was on a pile of blankets on the floor... it is at least my floor!! So updates to come on the big fun things that are in store for us tomorrow. 


Sara said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures of the house. and happy birthday to Natalie. You will always remember the day you closed on you house.

BrittanyB said...

Cute pics. Good luck moving in, can't wait to see what you do with the place!

Alysha said...

happy (belated) birthday natalie!! hope you had a fun day!
and I sure hope moving went well for you. can't wait to see pics of the new place :)