Sunday, October 28


Boots class had a little mini field trip to the pumpkin patch, which lasted all of a hay ride, until we got stormed out! It was sunny and warm when we got on, and when we pulled back in to get off, it had dropped about 20 degrees and it started pouring rain. We ran to get our pumpkins and headed home. Waist, yes. Fun, yes. Love anything with these kiddos! 
 Afterward, Kroger, the local grocery store, was doing a little trick or treat. The kids got dressed up in the dress up chest and we headed on over. It was pretty cute, there were games and activities in every section of the grocery store and then they got candy and stuff along the way.

 Yesterday and all weekend has been a busy one. We first had to be at a Stake Service project at 6am on Saturday morning. We were so tired, but we were there. We didn't even drive together, but when I spotted him across the way, I couldn't pass up getting a pic with the guy. We were helping with a 5k fun run that the City does each year. It was about 38 degrees and we were all freezing cold!! Then that night we had Stake Conference. Libby and I, with 2 other ladies from church, sang a special quartet in the adult session and I think we did pretty good. Libby has a beautiful voice, and I am nothing compared to her, but it was really fun! I love to pretent at least, that I can sing!
Today was the rest of conference and we were in choir. Brian is the man and sat with the 8 kids while we were up on the stand the whole time. Thank you babe! Little did I know, I was sitting behind the speaker and the camera that was on him through his talks...was also on me dozing off the whole time! Oops!!
 Then tonight was a moment I have been waiting for for a long time. I didn't care that we didn't have much seating, or table room or anything to decorate my house. I wanted to just have people over! So it helped that we got our couch yesterday!! yeah! But we had a little birthday for Avree and Natalie and sang to them tonight with the whole family over. It was so fun to have my house full of noise and children and love and friends. That is my kind of night! ......and my new love, this is the big purchase for us! We have always had hand me down couches and this is our first brand new one. In fact, I am still sitting on it now, 2 hours later after sitting down! I LOVE IT!

More house pictures to come...

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aidanjordan said...

Next year we need to make plans to hit up all the fun trick or treat spots with the kids- Safety Town, downtown McKinney, etc. And we need to have a fun Halloween party!