Thursday, November 1


I think Halloween is a really fun Holiday. I dont know why, becuase I hate being scared and I hate yucky things... But on Monday we decided to throw a little creepy spooky dinner and evening for the kids. Lib and Sean came over and we had this for dinner...
Then we did many many stick on tattos, painted and carkved pumpkins, and roasted pumpkin seeds. It was all of my favorite fall and Halloween activities in one night! The kids loved it, and I did too!!
Tonight of course, was Halloween. We did a little costume change up this time around, and Natalie borrowed Taylors. She was Dorothy and insisted that we listen to somewhere over the Rainbow the whole way into our first trick or treating stop, Great Grandmas House. While Natalie sang her guts out, Batman and cupcake fell asleep for a little nap. As soon as I pulled up to Gma's house though, Boots woke up with a jolt and was ready to go. He got up and said, "Mom, I just needed a little nap. I feel better now and ready to be Batman." He said it with drool dripping down his cheek.
Too much candy was consumed and now it covers my floor. I have always had a hard time limiting the candy intake on Halloween. They get so much, and I want them to enjoy it and eat it, but how much is too much??

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aidanjordan said...

The kids all look so cute! Love Courtney's cupcake costume!