Friday, August 31

Week down

I am exhausted. I was up so early for my standards! We usually all sleep in till about 830-9 and I have been getting up with Natalie at 645. Then we run around all day I feel like doing this or that and i am so tired.
I'm tired of fighting them to eat. Boots held this pizza in his hand for 2 hours until he gave it up for no food. I don't get that, nor will I ever. Why kids don't just hurry and eat it so they can have a treat. Hello?!

Brian got head butted at basketball and
Got split open. He is fine now but that game can be rough! He has been sporting the avengers and Mickey mouse bandaids. He's cool like that!

I got re-ombred and I love it! Thanks kat you rock girl!

ALSo school update, boots starts preschool next week. Helmet his teacher today and loved her. I can't believe he will be in there all by hisself! So proud of him... And me!
Natalie has been loving her school as well. It was so Large that they had to open a new kinder class and randomly chose students to go. Of course we were chosen. Nat is sad but she will
Do fine. she was just sad that the
Room Wasn't as pretty. Oh and the new teacher keeps their
Behavior chart in her phone and iPad. She didn't Like That! Haha

She bought her lunch on Thursday and won't Stop Begging me to let her do it every day. I think once a week will bending though. she loved her choc mill and nachos though. Sounds intense.


Meagan Cooper said...

I feel you pain, I am so tired now too that I have an early morning school kid! Jeni your hair is so great, I love it! So pretty as always! My kids don't eat very well either, we sit at the dinner table for over an hour each night. SO ANNOYING. Miss you so much!

Alysha said...

your hair rocks!

Kelly said...

zoow...rockin hair! I'll have to see what my hair girl here can do, otherwise I'll be up to see Kat!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...


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