Friday, August 24

wet eyes

Earlier this week I went to Natalie's Kindergarten orientation, then tonight it was meet the teacher. Natalie has an awesome teacher and we are so excited to be in Mrs. H's class! Natalie thought she was so pretty and so nice. She had this cute little sack of lucky charms and a msg that says "I am luck to have you in my class." so sweet! She found her hook and her desk and is just so excited for school! She has no idea what is coming to her... Neither do I! 
I started to get teary  in the orientation when they started to talk about two things.
1. "pay your money on Friday for your class T-shirt!" They then went on to explain that the 6 kinder classes each have their own color of shirt for field trip days (I'm fine at this point). The first F-trip is coming up soon they said, they are going to a pumpkin patch. WHAT?!! no! I take my kids to pumpkin patches. I have for her entire life up to this point and I never imagined someone else doing this. I cant see her reaction and see how much fun she will have! TEAR TEAR TEAR.
2. Then they explained lunch in the cafeteria. Scary enough just as it sounds. But then you can add on to that...they can buy their own lunch and guess what? They pick it all. no teachers are there to help, or mom to say yes or no. If they want ice cream, they get ice cream. I just thought of her going through a line picking and paying for her own food and sitting at a table with other kids. Tear. 
I am feeling super emotional about it. My little girl is almost 6 and she is growing up. I never imagined this day EVER! I still remember her little and no hair and not crawling till she was 1. She is so smart and social and will have so much fun. She will learn so much and love it I know, it will just be hard for me to lose her each and every day, all day. 

Well at least I have these 2 gooses to look forward to spending more one on one time with. Boots will also be starting preschool this year, 3 days a week - half days. So it isn't bad, but me and Court will for sure have some good momma baby bonding time. It will be so strange! These 2 are wild and crazy, so I know we wont be bored or quiet. They weren't born with a quiet gene in their bodies, either of them.
A little trip to the house tonight to check on it. They have poured the driveway and finished the drywall! That means texturizing and painting walls, and  landscaping are next! Did I already say that this is NOT the stone color we picked? I am a little miffed about it, but I do not want to extend our closing date out anymore than we already are by replacing it. So picture the trim in a medium brown and the shutters are stained, and our actual front door is on.... What do you think of the color? I think I can live with it and love it. I am just irritated that I know what I wanted, and this wasn't it. 
In all this growing up with NATALIE business that I have been emotionally dealing with, I have been thinking about this little sas. She is my baby, which I think I am gonna have to start to get it through my head that she is almost 2 and so NOT  a baby anymore. So I will keep her in a pack and play, and in footsie jammies for as long as possible. I will cuddle her and baby her and let her keep her wanky (blanky). She is just so stinkin funny! I love having her sweet spirit in our home. She is so spunky and full of energy. She is ALWAYS making us laugh, she is hilarious! Love ya girly.


lynne said...

The house is looking great! I'll bet you're excited!

Anna@Exasperation said...

Go on the field trip with her! I haven't done it yet, but I'll watch Court and Boots so you can go! I am going to try to go on at least one field trip this year - probably Miles' since Cam got all the attention last year when I was his class room mom and in there all the time. Time to switch it up! It feels really weird at first to have the kids gone, but you get used to it fast and then the school day flies by because you're so busy. Or you end up at school so much during the day helping out. SIGN UP FOR PTA! You don't have to have a board position or even go to meetings (though I recommend it), but it will keep you feeling really involved and then you won't be sad:)

Good luck this week! I was just thinking that I can't wait to have all the kids talk about their school days together. Let's get together after school this week and they can compare notes! HA!

House looks GREAT! Really coming together. Whew. Bet it feels so good!!