Saturday, August 11


Thursday night I was gone late at some church meetings. I knew Brian had been over babysitting my sisters kids earlier so I headed over there when I was done for a fresh Diet Coke and some Olympics watching after we put the kids to bed. 
The kids were all still awake which was fine, but they were all acting kind of strange. LOW AND BEHOLD, some very distant visitors had come to town!! My parents who where NOT driving through, decided to make a quick stop by and see us!! It was the greatest surprise!! We have been having so much fun and the kids just love to have them here. 

Also some of my cousins were in town visiting for a girls weekend and so we all met up for lunch one day. So fun and so weird since we haven't been all together in probably 15 years! Its fun to finally see someone you know in real life, rather than on a blog or facebook! 
Lunch was followed by some mani's and pedi's that were ruined walking  back into the house. Classic.
Super "cat eye crazy blurry" picture I know, but we all headed to the temple on Friday night. Of course dinner was followed up at one of our favorite places LA DUNI (its latin food and it is so good!). 
Today was a great day!! We hung out at the pool with Nana and Grandad and the kids couldn't get enough of them swimming around having fun with them!! Lots of breathing lessons, diving lessons, and just silliness! 

Tonight just topped off the weekend with dinner at Fogo De Chao. Man, that is some goooood meat! Boots was scarfing it down and when I took him for a bathroom break he said, "mom, this place has the best steak ever. This is my favorite place to eat. I think Natalie would like it, but not as much as me." haha sorry little man, this will not happen for you again in a LONG time. He and Bray were lucky to come along with all the adults tonight since we had extra tickets for the FC Dallas soccer game that we went to next. 
The boys had a great time cheering, eating cotton candy, and just being together. They get along great, even with a 4 year age difference! Love those two!
We will miss you ma and pa. You have spoiled us with your time since you have been here! We love having you visit!!  Sure makes for an exciting weekend!! 


BrittanyB said...

What a great surprise! I cannot believe you can take boots to a nice restaurant like that and he'd eat. My kids need to take a few notes.

Calloways said...

I'm laughing that you took Boots to Fogo. Every time we go there we see little kids and I ALWAYS say "who in the heck brings little kids here, such a waste" But at least Boots knew it was so good! How fun for your parents to surprise you and come and visit!

Cichy's said...

So fun, best surprise ever!

Emma and John said...

awww I miss my family so much! It's my DREAM to live by my sisters someday. I'm glad you're having so much fun!