Wednesday, September 5

It better last

Courtney is the only one home now with me ( well 3 days a week ) and it makes mental sad! Soo her being little better last!
Boots started preschool 3 times a week for a few hours today and he was so excited about it! he wasn't scared or shy at all, just walked right in like he owned the place and turned around to say "bye mom! See ya later!" I just about cried. I'm really proud of him and he will do awesome, but can't he be kinda sad to be leaving me?!

Natalie is loving school still as well. She did get moved into a different kinder class which kinda sucked after being in one class all first week, but for all she knows, that is what you do in kindergarten. She begs me to buy lunch everyday, and today learned what a burpie is in PE. She got to do computers today and you would have thought she had been handed 10 new ponys with how excited she was!

As for our house, they got the stair rails in today and have started, almost finished, painting the house. I'm not sold on the color, I swear I picked something way more grey, but I guess it is hard to tell with just a little swatch in the design center! We have about 3 more weeks though!! I'm so excited and hoping it doesn't get pushed back much! I'm ready, more than ready, for my own space, my own area to make a
Mess in and to clean and to cook and to do laundry, and to be lazy, and yell at my kids, and just be us!


Cichy's said...

So exciting to be getting into your own place again, hopefully soon!

BrittanyB said...

Yay for house progress! And a few hours a week with only 1 kid!