Thursday, August 2

I'm hot

I mean it has been over 100 every day for weeks, feels like my whole life! So we have been pooling A LOT or watching movies a lot at home. It is hard to budget but try to keep your kids entertained. Really hard. If you have inexpensive ideas PLEASE fill me in! Courtney has even been complaining about the heat. "It hot Mommy, too hot!" That girl is talking SO much. She repeats every thing anyone says and is always on the move. She has hit the age of complete destruction and getting into EVERYTHING she can, whether it is on her level or not. She's nuts. 
So we finished soccer camp for Natalie last week. She was at a British soccer camp, man I love those accents! She had fun and now she is torn between soccer and gymnastics for next year (ok, so I am torn) but she is trying to decide what she wants to do in the fall! The girl is just so fast and flexible, she will be good at whatever she chooses, but I want one over another. haha 
Natalie also LOVES to steal my camera to take pictures around the house. This is me at her level. Sunday afternoon resting and NOT in the mood for a picture! I have been working hard on my indexing. As long as I make time for it every couple of days I am good! I am really enjoying it and I think I am getting pretty fast! 
aaannnndddd..... I LOVE HAVING MY SISTER CLOSE! LOVE YOU LIBS! I have been dreaming of these days to just sit and chill and hang out each day! Well HELLO!! It is radical! We have been Olympic watching and I AM OBSESSED! I mean, gymnastics? THEY ARE SO STINKING GOOD! GO FAB 5!! 


aidanjordan said...

I know what you mean! We are finishing the month at Excite and moving on. I want to just go straight to another gym, but I'm also torn about having her wait til after soccer. Natalie will have to catch Shelby up on some of those soccer skills she learned,

BrittanyB said...

Jeni. . . so hot right now. Your hair is getting so long!

Wiseguys said...

I'm hot, too. SO done with TX summer. And SO done with the pool. It just gets old.