Sunday, August 26

Root Root Root for the Rangers

We have decided to put Boots in T-ball this year instead of soccer and see how he likes it and how he does. So far he has had quite a few practices and he is loving it. He is so stinkin cute out there hitting and catching and throwing the ball around. Too bad he is on the Angels, and not the Rangers :( I wish we would have known we had a choice. Brian is NOT happy about that one! Oh well, he is loving it! 
After Practice we got home on Saturday to find Uncle Garrett Loving on Courtney and sharing some tortillas and Breakfast Burritos. All the kids wanted in. He is a lucky guy to have these 3 kiddos living with him! I know he loves it. He is such an awesome Uncle! We love having him around. He always says how much he loves having us stay with them because he always has a little hug and kiss in the morning from the kiddos. 
After some hanging out and catching a quick morning nap, we headed out to the Rangers game with the kids. It was their first game of the season so they were excited! We sat up at the top, which was perfect with the breeze, antsy kids, and we had a perfect view of the roller coasters at six Flags. I learned something new about boots. He has mastered the sunflower seed. He knows how exactly to eat them the right way and he loves it. He even can spit the shell out! Natalie on the other hand, eats it all like they are popcorn. She says she loves them, sorry that sounds gross!
She insisted on bringing her purse into the game. Contents of the purse: lip gloss, powder puff(without the powder), sunglasses, and a fake cell phone. She went through it and did a very thorough job of freshening up at the game. She would have died if she saw me taking these pictures, so I had to be sneaky but she was so cute!
Great day of baseball. We love the sport but more important, we love our team. The Texas RANGERS!

on a funny note, on the way home Natalie asked for some "ONE RECTION music" well if you know the girl at all, she tends to be a tad dyslexic when it comes to saying things. For instance Yougart= Ogrit, Hospital=hopstibal, etc. So I tried to take it slow and tell her how to say it "De-rection" Brian immediately corrected me and said "Di-rection" but it was too late and boots already had gotten out the phrase "MOM, I want one erection!" haha we were all laughing so hard! He obviously had no idea what he had just said but it was great.


aidanjordan said...

It was so cute to see Boots at practice on Wednesday. That coach was too funny..."What do we bring to T-ball?! FOCUS!". Lol!

Andrea said...

We were at the Rangers game too. I love the pics of Natalie freshening up :) So so cute!

BrittanyB said...

I wish we had T-ball for that age here! I love kid mispronunciations ;)