Sunday, August 5


Sometimes we get some perks and I love it. Today, Saturday, we got some sweet tickets from Donnie Nelson, the  manager of the Dallas Mavericks to go to the Barnum & Bailey Circus that was in town.
We headed down a bit early for some sweet Pizza at "Neo", The best Pizza in Dallas. The kids loved being downtown and looking at all the buildings. 

We then were escorted from the W Hotel Lobby, down through the Tunnels at American Airlines where we were taken through the Mavericks locker room, hence the picture in Dirks chair. He's so cool. Anyway, we then were taken back stage past the elephants and acrobats and costume racks to the back elevator where they took us up to Donnie's suite. It was so much fun! 
Snow cones, Cotton Candy, fries, popcorn, and a huge Diet Coke, and we were able to enjoy the fun circus! The Tigers and elephants were really neat, and all the acrobats were super impressive. All 3 of the kids had a lot of fun! Courtney really enjoyed the lights and action of everything. The only bad side is now I think Boots has some more bad bad ideas of how to be crazy and of becoming an acrobat. 


Wiseguys said...

Yeah. Jaxon wanted to be a tight rope walker after we went, too!!! Hopefully that won't last :)

jayme said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!