Monday, August 20

Friday Family Movie night

We have been lacking in the Friday Family Movie night department. We have been too busy with summer and moving etc to even do it! But It was fun to do it again this weekend. We decided on Lady and the Tramp. Earlier in the day, the kids helped me make dog bone shaped chocolate chip cookies (for humans!) and they were so good. I have been craving some cookie dough. 
A little later, we watched the movie and after the movie Brian, our head chef, made some Delicious spaghetti with meatballs. Natalie insisted on eating like a dog. I guess If I am making them doggy ears and it is themed around dogs, it is OK for them to eat like a dog. If I would have thought about it a little more, I would have taken them to the pet store earlier in the day to see the puppies, but I of course didn't think of it till after. 
Saturday Boots had his first baseball practice with his team. He is on the Angels this year (we are really sad he isn't on the Rangers with all of his soccer team from last year, but what can ya do right?) Baseball feels like a more natural sport for our family to watch, so I hope it goes smoother than soccer did for him! Later we met up with our Friends Matt, Cade, and Jana for a little rainy day pizza and swim. The temperature dropped into the low 90's and it was SO nice!!

With "LIFE" happening too fast, we haven't been able to have a date night in, I actually don't know how long. So we scheduled it off and went on a new kind of date. Since we got married 7 1/2years ago, we have had most of our furniture and what would be large purchases given to us as hand-me-downs. I am NOT complaining because it has been sooo wonderful to have so many nice family members and friends who can give. However, with the new house, we felt it was time for some new furniture in some new styles. We are going with more of a grey, white and black in this house (vs the browns and maroons of the last house) therefore we need new furniture. 
So our date started out at over half a dozen furniture stores sitting on couches, chairs, ottomans, and beds. It was really fun. Even if we weren't trying to find stuff for real, it would have been fun. So we picked out our couch, some rugs, and a new bed. I have to say I am in LOVE with Z Gallerie, West Elm, and Anthropologie. Lets just say, furnishing this house how I want, may take us a little while! Stuffed avocado's at a new Mexican place topped it off and we were home to watch Sherlock, a British TV series that is really good! It was a really fun and needed date night out alone. Next up on date night is Mattress hunting.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was an interesting day for our family. The 2 older ones had a rough first hour of church. They were in and out of timeout a few times, which is rare. Then it was onto second and third hour. I was pulled out about 4 times to go talk to Boots about the way he was acting. I tried to convince him with threatening to take away his blanket and his juice box that he was so excited about, but it didn't work. Then when I picked him up, we were informed that he was not to come back to class if he was going to continue acting like that, since it has been that way for the last 3 weeks. WHAT?! I was shocked. I know he is crazy for me, but I was always under the impression he was pretty well behaved at church. Guess not. So after going to his teachers houses to apologize, he lost his blanket for good, and then he had 2 hours to sit and show us how we act at church. Lets hope he knows we are serious and changes his ways, or I don't know what else to do. Bad day ended so great though eating dinner at Libby's with her family, my cousin Heather's family, and My long time friend(since we were 3 yrs old) Stacey and Aaron who just moved to the area a few weeks ago. It was so nice to hang out and chat!  

Lets hope that this week goes a little smoother int he mothering department. I plan to take them to the zoo before school starts next week and do some back to school shopping. We also have meet the teacher night. I cant believe I will have a kindergartner! I am getting so old!! 


aidanjordan said...

What?! Boots was always one of the best ones for me in nursery! I am positive he is probably just reacting to the change of moving.

Can't wait to see all the new furniture in the new house! How fun!

jayme said...

I love you go furniture shopping. How Fun!!