Sunday, December 5

Drama Drama Drama

Ever Since Boots came into our lives, I have been waiting for the day that we have to take him to the ER. He runs so fast, jumps from things so high, and is just so stinking curious that I am shocked we don't live half our time in the ER.
Well last week, on Thursday, it was morning and I was feeding Courtney on the couch. Brian was fixing to leave for work. Boots walked over to the stockings hanging so calm and nicely on the mantle. He pulls a stalking, for who knows what reason. The stocking pulls down the heavy metal stocking holder letter "E" and BAM it hits him right on the head. Seconds passed, then all of a sudden I hear his blood curdling scream. He had a HUGE dent in his head and it was immediately obvious that he had a very deep laceration in his head.
We debated who would take him to the ER, and Brian and him quickly left the house to go get it all checked out.
An hour and a half later they came home with a smiling little boy with glue on his wound. A stitch or 2 would have been so much easier though, seeing as how during his nap a few hours later, he picked at it or did something to it that made it pop open and bleed some more.
I called the Pediatrician and she told me to come in for some steri strips. So there you have it, our first ER visit and something that will leave a little scar on his forehead forever. Sorry it isn't a cooler story kiddo!
I especially love this picture because he has his classic bed head. I LOVE his bed head. He has it everyday without fail.
So while we were in there I thought we would check out his foot. So 2 weeks ago we were in the Dr. and she took blood because we thought he may have an infection in his foot. Well, the blood work came back fine, so I waited. then the limping was worse and all the time, so I brought him back in. Xrays later, nothing was there. So now we are referred over to get an MRI. Tomorrow is that big day. He has to get put under anesthesia, which I am terrified of for him. But I know everything will turn out fine, I just want to figure out what is wrong with his leg, or foot, whatever it ends up being.
Anyway, with all the leg drama, he has managed to stay super happy and loving. He makes us smile and laugh every day!

IN BETTER NEWS... My parents came in for the weekend and now they are gone. Of course Dad took all the good pictures for the weekend on his camera and I forgot to get them, so this one will have to tide us all over.
They came in for Courtneys baby blessing, which was wonderful. Brian did a beautiful job and Courtney was a dream. We had most of the family there, Susan Kevin and Grandma were missed, and even some friends came. She looked beautiful! Again, pictures to come.
But we had a fun weekend, but the best thing about it was food. It is always about food! We had some tasty treats. AND we had a girls day yesterday where we brought Natalie to Tangled. Such a cute movie. we loved it. Natalie loved it a lot, but I think I loved it even more. I cried, of course, but it was worth it! We did have a battle going to the movie though. I dressed her and she put up a fuss and a tantrum because it wasn't all pink, and then because Fancy Nancy doesn't wear things like that. It took a lot to convince her that Fancy Nancy does wear this kind of stuff, she just accessorizes!!
Mom and Dad, we loved having you here so much, you are already missed a ton!
I cant believe this girl is almost 3 months old. Time flies and she is a beauty. She reminds me so much of Natalie at this age too.
So now wish me and boots luck tomorrow, his MRI (that I will need luck with) and also I am having a dentist look at my front tooth, that may need to be pulled... that will be classy. Anyway, will keep posted on that event as well.
And not to forget my thanks,'
Thursday - good health insurance.
Friday - FOGO DE CHOA... I could be thankful for that place for months.
Saturday - babysitters that deal with pee in pants. poor girl! Part of the job I guess!
Today - The Testimony that I have.


Nadine said...

Prayin for your lil Boots and your family, Jeni as you go through your apps tomorrow. He is a tough lil guy as you know and Heavenly Father has his angels watchin over you. Love you...Courteney is precious.Hugs my friend

Chi-townRawlins said...

We're praying for Bootsie boy! Ugh. I'm nervous for you!!!!! But I know it will all go great!

jayme said...

Good luck tomorrow!! Boots reminds me so much of Dylan. I think they would be great friends!

Meagan M said...

Good luck tomorrow (or today? I'm not sure when you posted). I hope the MRI is clear - or that it at least gives you some simple answer.

I have a wild one like Boots, we've been to the ER a few times with her. And I hate that glue stuff too, she just rips it off. When she's not hurting herself it's fun to see what kind of things her adveterous mind can get her to do. Really, these little mischevious dare devils are so smart!!

Please post an update on the MRI results when you get a chance.

Wiseguys said...

Hmmm that's kind of a weird coincidence, Madison's first trip to the ER involved a cut on the forehead and the fireplace, too.

Good luck with the MRI. Jax had to get put to sleep to be circumcised (long story). It can be nerve wracking, I know.

Julie said...

Oh poor Boots! I'm so scared that my kids are gonna pull the stocking holders down on themselves! I'm glad he's doing well and at least you got your first battle wound out of the way! I'm sure there will be more! Good luck with the MRI! Poor little guy.