Friday, December 10


I thought about it a while ago but finally decided that I am a pushover. I give in way too much and therefore my children are spoiled. I fill their heads with empty consequences, not all the time, but lots of time. The sad part is is that I make the bad things too lofty and most of the time, I let them continue doing it because of 2 things. 1. either it makes my life easier or 2. I want to do it too. For example; "Natalie stop doing that or we aren't going to go see Santa." BACKFIRE. She didn't stop, but yes we did go and see Santa anyway. "BOOTS, if you get out of bed and do that one more time, I am taking away your blanky" I never take it away, because that would mean REALLY not falling asleep. I need to work on that because it is becoming very clear that they think, or they know, they can walk all over me. I am just having a tough time finding consequences that will work for all of us!

So yes, we went and saw Santa. Natalie was very hesitant about it. She doesn't like seeing him in the mall, it is obvious that he creeps her out. She gets immediately shy and silent. Well we went to "safety town" which is like a mini person town at a huge fire department here. The kids had a ton of fun doing fun free things. face painting, letters to Santa, coloring, lots of candy canes, tattoos(tatoons as my kids call them), and of course sitting on Santa's knee. So when it was our turn, I couldn't get her to sit on his knee but I will take the stand beside. And she actually told him what she wanted too. Boots apparently wants a tractor... thanks for wrecking my whole "rig what you ask for" theory kid. And then there was Courtney who almost made a Christmas disaster. She had a grip so tight on Santa's beard, it almost came off mid picture. We almost wrecked Christmas for everyone. haha But the kids had a lot of fun.

Also, as you can tell from these pictures, it is impossible to get a picture of my kids a. looking and b. smiling. Like the hardest thing to do ever. The whole "I have a spider on my head" thing doesn't seem to work anymore and when you ask for a smile, they immediately look off and do the corniest smile. When we are out at things, these are the best I can get.

Courty on the other hand is the smiliest of the bunch for pictures. That girls loves the camera, and her momma! I feel a special bond with her already. She is such an angel in our home. Every time boots See's her he lays down beside her and just gently pets her head. He loves her, and all babies for that matter. And Natalie just wants to be a mom really. She wants to do and help with everything I do with baby Q. I love all the help I get, but really it doesn't make life easier. Their help actually just slows me down and frustrates me. See? I need to just chill out and let it happen. Let life happen. Let my kids laugh (although some of you know how obnoxious that can get), let them make a big mess and not clean it up right away, or let them just empty a whole bottle of soap int he sink. Really, life would be so much more fun if I wasn't so stiff! Ill work on that!

And of course my gratitute moment;

Thursday I was very thankful for my calling. It brings me such peace, although it can feel crazy, it brings me peace.

Today I am thankful for my cozy hoodie. mmmm not dressing up makes my day 100x better!


aidanjordan said...

Thanks for going with us to Safety Town! Brian and I had that same convo last night (about following through with consequences) as Jeremy brought Shelby back to the Santa line 10 seconds after I told him to take her to the car because she was throwing a tantrum. Haha!

Oh, go to to see the house I was telling you about. We drove over there after Safety Town- it was pretty neat. Your kids would love it. Shelby was rocking out to the music.

Tboss said...


The challenge of "punishment" is to identify the "then" part in the sentence "if you do THEN" that if you have to deliver it, you don't end up punishing yourself as much if not more than them. By the way, good luck with that!!

Audrey said...

Consequences are always a tricky thing and I think each of us has to find out what we're comfortable with and what works for us. As far as letting go and letting your kids be kids, that's a hard one for me too. I like having everything in it's place and I can't stand messes. If you ever figure out the secret to letting go, please let me know. :)