Wednesday, December 22

back it up

A few weeks ago, my parents came into town for Courtney's baby blessing. They were here for 3 days, which was totally dreamy. I love having them come and visit, they really should just move here!! haha

Anyway, fun weekend with Nana and Grandad and a beautiful baby blessing from Brian.

I tell ya, My dad and Boots have a special something going on. They are a match made in heaven those two, and I love it. I am so grateful for their friendship already!

I still have some more posts to catch up on, but I feel like I have no time. I remember there being times people say that about blogging and I always have said "there is always time to blog!" but really I am so busy and tired that there really ISN'T time to blog.

So upcoming is Hawaii~!! FINALLY! Oh and new Family pictures....I will try to get to that tomorrow since then there will be Christmas right there!

Speaking of, does anyone else have the issue of too much fun stuff for the kiddos? Man, I just keep getting things thinking that they will just LOVE this or that. first of all, this isn't saving anything for next year, and second of all... they aren't being nice enough to get them all! I actually took one of Natalie's biggest things back. There will come another time for it I guess! But I am so excited for Christmas. I was feeling a little blue and down about not being with my family and not ever seeing Brian like I would like. Well we have been trying some extra Christmas spirit things, like service, caroling, wrapping, Miracle on 34th, and tomorrow is gingerbread and more caroling. It IS working to get me in the spirit of Christmas though. The only think missing now is my Miller Family. :(
I just want to top this post off with these 3 gems. The 3 cousins back in October, Courtney about a month old here. She slept through the entire shoot, and Haley (blue shirt) started to cry through it all and Courtney just layed there limp. She is totally known for her 3.5 short months as being the sleeper. She still sleeps almost every time she eats.
The Next picture is about month later, in November, around thanksgiving. These 3 are going to be trouble!!


aidanjordan said...

I was going to tell you the other day that you never did post pics of C's blessing! Glad you remembered! ;)

abby and paxton said...

those 3 girls ARE going to be trouble.
Merry Christmas to you guys! Glad you're finding ways to still enjoy it while in TX.