Tuesday, December 28

Blue Christmas

I sang "Ill have a blue Christmas without you" to myself this Christmas. I mean, I had a great Christmas with our little family but it wasn't the same as the usual BIG family Christmas we have in Calgary, full of tradition and busy busy busy. I just missed my family a lot!

So Christmas eve we went to "ICE" which is a huge indoor ice sculpture display a posh hotel here in town. We went with our friends Jeremy and Aiden and really had fun. They keep it 9 degrees F in there and so you need to wear a parka that they provide, especially if you are going to go down the ice slides. Well we had to wait in line to get in and so in the line waiting, we all got a little warm, especially because strollers were not allowed so Courtney had to be held. Anyway, by the time the parka's had to go on, Natalie was sweaty and wouldn't stop screaming/crying over being hot and sweaty. We finally got her to calm down after we were inside and she say how cold it really was. Everyone was freezing rubbing their hands together inside and I just laughed, and I actually thought to myself how nice it felt in there. That Canadian blood is still there I guess! Nat insisted on taking her parka off half way through, and she was fine with her little red nose.
So this year they did a Charlie brown theme, so all the displays are made entirely out of ice and there were all of the characters and so much more!! including a slide out of ice.

That night we went out to dinner at Kobe steak house, which is a timpinyaki type of cooking place. The kids loved it, although boots didn't eat anything! That might be a fun tradition to start!

We headed home for some carol singing, led by Natalie, and then a very fast nativity reenactment. BOOTS did not want to get into costume, so Natalie made up for it by really going all out in hers! She was the perfect Mary, and boots was silly Joseph. Stuffed animals filled in as the wisemen and of course Simba was baby Jesus. She really had fun! Next tradition: Opening Christmas jammies. I tried really hard to find Christmas stripes but it was near impossible. I will search early next year! So they walked away with these. Natalie's is my favorite since I used to wear these when I was little girl, and she adores the robe just as much as I used to!
Santa came and really left some awesome stuff! It was so much fun to see the kids faces in the morning when they investigated all of their new toys.
I really wanted to make some home made Cinnamon rolls, or have scotch Stew (the Miller tradition) but I just ran out of time and so we had NORMAL breakfast, how much does that suck?!) Later on we headed into Rawlins for a Italian feast and more presents/hanging out. It was a very chill day! Boots got sick and then Natalie did too, so we have all been battling the head cold/cough for a few days now.

Now we are getting ready to ring in the New Year! We will be headed down to Houston to celebrate... and get my tooth checked on of course.

Court is now 3.5 months old and has started to roll around. OK, not around, but she is rolling over. This is the youngest for our children, so exciting!! She is such a happy baby and just is always smiling and cooing. Her giggles have just started and they are adorable. She is spitting up a ton though, after every meal you can guarantee a puker. I brought her in to see if it was acid reflux, but alas the Dr. told me it was nothing since she is chunking up and she is not fussy at all. happy spits i guess!! So she always is pretty smelly and in need of a change of clothes and a bath.

We also took boots in for his Orthopedic visit #2. So he has had this limp ever since I was in Hawaii. We have done blood work, xrays, MRI and now we are seeing a specialist to try and get it all figured out. Nothing has come from it yet but we are in the process through some medication he is on right now, anti-inflammitories. Anyway, little sport is so good about taking his meds, even though he hates it and he claims he is all better. Love that kid. anyway...

So there you have it, Merry Christmas from all of us!!


Ryan and Meagan said...

Missing out on all the fun family traditions must be tough...I'm glad we were all together this Christmas and for some reason, it always seems more fun when I'm with MY family, eventhough I love my in-laws just as much. Ya know?

Oh man. 3 kids. Giiiiirl. You have a BUSY life!!!

BrittanyB said...

what a cool place! Those ice slides look intense;) Hope you find out something soon for boots!

Proud Momma said...

Great update! I didn't know you had done all that! Bootsy is so cute in those pics...he reminds me of B:)
We never even acted out the nativity this year, totally didn't have time...sounds so lame but for real!
Miss u

Alysha said...

what a fun place to go! i love charlie brown too :)
sorry to hear you were sick over the holidays. it was definitely going around everywhere. we had our fair share too.