Thursday, December 9


That is my new word for New and Interesting together. That is what this week has been for me and booters. First we had his MRI for his foot. He was stoked in the waiting room.

It was hard to let him go "under" though. I laid him on the MRI table and they put the gas mask on him. He was just screaming and crying underneath and squeezing my hands tight. Slowly his hands loosened and then his eyes went dead. Oh I just wanted to cry. It is hard to watch a child go through stuff like that, even though I know it wasn't hurting him. It made me think of when I was in the hospital when I was young for my appendix. My mom must have died.
Anyway, so he was under for an hour and a half with me waiting in the waiting room. Since he went under mad, he woke up MAD! He took a good 45 min to stop yelling and screaming when he woke up from it.

After he woke up we jumped in the car and headed straight to Houston for my tooth issues. After a quick drive, the next morning we enjoyed some Shipleys with our friends (thanks Jaq and Josh) and off to the dentist (endodontist) I went. He was super nice and funny. I was rolling the entire visit. I got another root canal and hopefully this one will fix it for good. If not, surgery may be the answer. This is good news to me, since he doesn't think I will have to lose my tooth over it. phew! As soon as that was over we headed home.

Today the kids both had their teeth done too! They both had their very first dental visits. I couldn't get a picture of Natalie since she was going bazurk-o! She was so terrified. Boots really loved the moving magic chair though! Good news, they both have good bites, good spacing, and good teeth.
We decided to have a little fun with dinner tonight and do personal pizzas. The kids loved it, especially the mushrooms. I have strange kids I have decided. They both LOVE things like mushrooms, onions, lettuce, peppers, and really any fruit or veggie.

So Boots keeps up laughing all day long. I wish I could record him all day every day. Frist of all, not so funny, he fell off the high 6 foot bunk bed the other day. Luckily he landed on his bed and only slightly bit his lip. SCARY. But more that being crazy is the way he talks and the things he talks about. He thinks everything is "really super yummy!" and when he needs to go the bathroom he tells us that his "pee is ready!"

I'm telling you, these kids are special little spirits! I love them so much more with every single day! What a blessed mom I am!

What have I been thankful for this week?

Monday - modern technology and medicine that helps us feel good.

Tuesday - Wide shoulders on roads, to stop for a potty break

Today - A cozy warm bed with a good pillow.


Alysha said...

glad you don't have to lose the tooth!! NOT fun I can assure you.
I think I need you up here to teach Will how to eat. The kid eats NOTHING. probably why he's so crabby all the time...

BrittanyB said...

What a week, and that was only half of it! Here's hoping the MRI brings good results.

abby and paxton said...

that would make me nervous to put my kid under.
and glad you've got healthy kids with healthy teeth who eat well. man- how do you get them to eat ?

Emma and John said...

Poor little Boots! I didn't know about his leg- I hope it's all ok. Chris had to go under for his MRI too- I know how hard it is! And John was REALLY disappointed to hear that you're not getting your tooth pulled. He had his jokes ready and everything.