Sunday, December 19

Almost 30... minus one

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN! We love you so much!! Hope you had a great day cooking a great dinner and putting the kids to bed!! haha Really though he is the cook around here and we had our friends over for a little party and needed good food, so obviously he cooked! (btw, the ribs were divine hun) And truly he is best at putting the rug rats to bed, even though booters took HOURS to go to sleep tonight.
December is flying, I have been meaning to blog so so many times this week and then something came up and then something else came up and so on... which is why I think I found my first one of these:ACK! A grey hair. I had seen something glittering right behind my bangs for a little while now but thought it was just the angle I was looking. Yesterday I decided to investigate. My nightmare came true, I have a grey hair. I never thought I would be one to care about stuff like this but very honestly, it freaked/freaks me out. DE STRESS JENI, no more grey hairs allowed!

So what have we been doing? Baking, playing, dancing, singing, wrapping, and shopping. So basically a lot of fun things, just so busy that I forgot to have much fun doing it all!

So first off, we bought some cans of snow. Sounds classy doesn't it?! Well when you live in Texas and your husband can go play golf in shorts on December 18th and your kids can play in the backyard for over an hour in just their underwear, classy again I know, spray snow in a can is pretty awesome.

When will I ever be able to get a picture of the 3 of them together that is actually a framable keeper? Not for a LOOOONG time I am guessing! Still gotta love those busy busy munchins.
So then I baked. Baking really isn't the same without my momma around to talk/sing/play with, but it was still semi fun to have the help of 4 little hands. One of my favorite holiday treats is whipped shortbread. I look forward to it being around every year. This year though, I think I whipped it a little too long if that is possible. When I took them off the cookies sheet it was a crumbly pile of goodness for me to chow down one. But no cookies!So I move on to #2. Chocolate crinkles. These turned out just fine, and boots can back me up on this one.... one of these cookies is not like the others:
And last, Sweet Natalie has started a 2.5 hours 2 days a week dance class and she is in heaven. a dozen little girls her age, in tutus, all into the same things she is? AHHHH it is awesome. Tap, Ballet, storytime, craft time, and tumbling. It is radical. We are on break for the holidays but Natalie is loving it, and watching her show me a few moves cracks me up! I cant wait to see her do more as she learns the routines!
I am falling asleep but wanted to get this entry up before the start of this week. I am really looking forward to this week, since we will be having Christmas here in Texas for the first time in our marriage. I know the kids will like it being in our own house, and there is something exciting about having our own stuff, but I cant lie... I am super sad that I am not with my family. I miss them so very much and just am having a kinda hard time being away from them. Ah, I guess I'll get over it, but in the meantime, I will pout about it!


Kiersten said...

Don't worry, Jeni! I'm pouting about C not being w/ me too!! Just try to be brave!! p.s. in case you didn't notice I somehow lost your blog a while back and just found it again! Lucky me!! We need to get together soon and play!!

aidanjordan said...

I want your whipped shortbread recipe. Sounds delish! Not that I need to eat them...

Meagan Cooper said...

I LOVED WHIPPED SHORTBREAD!!! Those treats look so good. ANd I recently found my first grey too.... I about died. We are TOO young for that business.

lynne said...

I love boot's Expression in all of his pictures. He is so adorable!