Friday, December 24

The Eve Eve

Today we headed over to Aunt Kathleen's house to do gingerbread houses. Boots and Av mainly just ate candy, but Natalie loved doing her house, then eating it. Kat and I also had fun doing our mansions! They are time consuming, but something about making your own is super fun! And bonus for me, I didn't like any of the candy used, so my munching was a minimum!
My camera, of course, died right after I took a picture of boots with his house. Notice the half eaten tree.
The little babes are getting adorable. Today they were making each other laugh and giggle. They will be trouble but right now I will enjoy their sweetness.

Later tonight we went caroling to a few widows in our ward, and I know they loved it. jingle bells and Rudolph were the song picks from the kids, but I would have preferred something more Christ-like. The whole point of us going out was to get into the real spirit of Christmas, and Santa and reindeer defeat that purpose.
I was struggling feeling in the spirit, and we needed to get out and do a little something for some people we love! Needless to say, I am now in full swing. Service has been the focus for me this week, and I am feeling so happy. Presents are wrapped, cookies already sent out, MOST Christmas cards out, and as I type Santa is putting together something special.

We got a fabulous cookie bouquet today in the mail from Nana and Grandad and so dessert was yum-o! Here was my place, hot chocolate, cookie, and my dc. MMMM winning combination! Although my new favorite drink is no longer Diet Coke, it has been replaced with... drum roll... vanilla coke zero. This is so strange, as I usually really dislike the taste of coke. But it is sooo good!

So Merry Christmas Eve, eve. Tomorrow will be filled with love and goodness and I cant wait to start a few little traditions of our own.
I'm thinking sleeping all in the same room, dinner out on Christmas Eve, and we will see what else comes from it!
side note, we took booters back to the pediatric orthopedic surgeon today and was re examined after a medication he has been on for a few weeks. We are going to do 2 more weeks of this medicine and then go off and see how it effects him. He has been walking more normal, but yesterday he was limping around really bad all day so that worries me again. Sitting in the Doctors office though, made me rethink having more kids. I know they are all young and with me 24/7 but it was a nut house. I dont know how I was able to concentrate on the Doctor while I was a jungle gym, and when I tell them to stop something in a setting like that, it is like they hear "jump higher, run faster, be a little more crazy!" AHHH! I dislike going anywhere with those 3 alone.

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