Sunday, May 2

Yeah, they are mine

I really love these two. I talk about it all the time, but it is true. I cant get enough and I cant wait to see what another child will be like in our home! Brian thinks she'll be sassy like her sis, I wish to dream for a baby Charlotte! haha smiles and eats!
So the other day we went out to catch the bluebonnets. These are a wild flower that grows here in Texas, the state flower actually, and they are illegal to pick. They grow in patches all over the place and if you find the right place on the right day you get beautiful flowers! I always miss this time, as it only lasts for 2 weeks or so and then they are gone. I always think "tomorrow I will go take pictures." Well of course I did that again this year and when I finally went it was the tail end, but at least there were some!

She is suck a cheese and Stephen was WAY too busy to stop at all for pictures. So they aren't great, but we had fun!
So every first monday of the month, and the weekend before it, there is the Canton trade days. I have mentioned this often as I LOVE CANTON. I was super excited to head down there today, I haven't been in months and Brian was going to come with us!
The car ride down, 1.5 hours, sucked. The kids were horrible. So we get there and as we drive down the main drag looking for parking, I start to notice emptiness, no booths set up, no cars... no people. WHAT?! I was so mad! The thing is called First Mondays! So we found a DELICIOUS burger joint, got some blue bell ice cream, and headed back home.
I really wanted to do some fun shopping, but more important, I wanted a funnel cake, a fried pie, and a corn dog. Brian wanted a sausage on a stick. So alas we will have to wait another month :(


Kelly said...

you silly, it's Thrusday-Sunday!...I'm sure you know that now!

Jeni said...

ya I am a fool!

aidanjordan said...

The pictures are so cute!

BB said...

cute pictures Jeni!

emblair said...

Such cute kids. And if I had made the drive all the way to Canton and all I got was a burger and ice cream...I would NOT have been a happy camper. Major bummer!