Wednesday, May 19

2 little monkeys

I am so tired. I know that I only have two kids and a small house, BUT I am tired. These 2 wear me out. The best way to describe them is crazy drama. All day long there is running, jumping, crying, fighting, messes, winning, and then it all starts over again and again. I love them to death and wouldn't change a think about them but seriously, this baby might come early. I am already having pains and contractions that didn't happen for me with these two until the end. Anyway, meet my 2 monkeys.

Monkey #1. looks Innocent, but he is nuts.
He has this weird thing on his ear that looked kinda tumor-ish, so I brought him to see his Dr. She told me that it was due to a really bad fall he had had on his head. "Do you remember him falling on his head?" uhhhhh, he falls ALL day every day. He climbs everything, jumps everything, and then he falls. So of course I felt like an awful mother when the Dr had to pick him off of the tall garbage can that he was about to jump off of, because I was in deep thought about when he had a really bad fall.

The other morning he was sent in to get a banana for himself, a job Natalie usually does. Since she was still sleeping this is what he came up with...
Little stink. I love this kid.MOnkey#2. She is my drama queen.
Everything is said with a whine, or in "princess" which involves her swinging her head around and moving her arms all over her neck in a way she has seen princesses do apparently. She is just PURE drama. nothing is ever to go unnoticed and nothing is ever her fault. It is never easy with this one.
Ahhh here is a princess pose now. Look off in the distance, I just missed the neck rub. She is a sweetheart.
Anyway, cant wait to meet monkey #3!!
Monday night we made it another family night at the Rangers game. The kids LOVE to go to these games. Probably because of all the treats I bring to make them stay close, but still we made it to the end of the game this time! I just love me some baseball!!
So I know, another update about my kids. Sorry that my creative brain hasn't been flowing lately... I will work on that.


BrittanyB said...

Oh Jeni, I feel your pain. I felt like you were talking about my kids, I swear Andi and Sammy do the EXACT same things! Sometimes I just stare at them and wonder how on earth they come up with the things they do, or how on earth Sammy got on top of whatever he's on.

aidanjordan said...

Before I had Joey I thought, "Maternity leave is going to be so great! We will go to the park and do fun stuff everyday!". Wrong. Most days are spent with me in bed til 11, trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep while Shelby watches Dora. I don't know how people do it with more than 1 kid.

Alysha said...

seriously our kids are TWINS!! Will does the exact same things AND so does Liv. But it's all worth it, right?

Randy and Meganne Grumbles said...

Oh girl! Two is easy compared to three!! Now that James is at that climbing stage..he has to older kids to watch and learn to do bad things from. They are triple LOUD TROUBLE!!! But I love them, but somedays I want to kill them...its all good! ;)

jayme said...

Dylan is ALWAYS jumping off things, falling and getting into trouble. I think he would get along with Stephen :) Cute pics!