Sunday, May 16


I HATE COPY AND PASTE. I just wrote a novel of a blog and now it is gone. We will see what I come up with now!

So this last week was a fun and hot one. We headed to the pool once which is always fun. Natalie did awesome jumping in and putting her face in all over the place. I thought that maybe swim lessons were paying off. Then when we went to class yesterday, she did horrible. She cried through the entire thing. At one point everyone in the entire complex was watching my little girl scream bloody murder in the water out of fear. I am sure I looked like a horrible mean mother, but come on... I know you aren't scared of the water Natalie. Get used to the fact that you have a boy teacher!

Natalie has been big into checking peoples eyes out. She has recently noticed blood shot eyes and calls them "eye cracks". She gets kind upset when she notices these eye cracks and immediately wants them fixed. Speaking of fixed, I may be taking her to the Dr tomorrow. Tonight we were playing, running, jumping, and all of a sudden tears. She must have landed on it funny because she wont stand or put any weight on it at all. She has loved being treated like a little queen I am sure! Brian wrapped her leg to make her feel better! She did tell me tonight that she didn't want the Dr to have to cut her leg off!!
Ah and for the moment... 22 weeks. I feel great, sick, but great. I cant really complain about still throwing up though since I have only put on a little 4 pounds. I am sure this will skyrocket in a few weeks but at this point with my others I was MUCH much higher. I wont say how much but a lot. So heartburn, aches, pains, throw up, cramping, and fatigue, you can try and bring me down but you will not succeed! I do need to keep eating healthy though. I have been craving sandwiches and salads, 2 things that usually I hate, so I think that has contributed to the weight gain. Brian is starting up P90X again this week though so I will be forced to cook healthy. This will be the hard part for me, not cooking healthy, just cooking. Since I have been pregers I have honestly cooked MAYBE 3 times. That is so pathetic. My goal this week, cook.
On Friday night we had a fun night. Boots and Brian went on boys night with grandpa to McDonalds and whatever else they do... watch sports, and Natalie and I went on girls night. We went to get pedicures, her first one, and she did awesome! Then on to the mall for some shopping and dinner. It was a really fun night! On the way home Natalie told me "Thanks for girls camp mom, I like staying up late!" Man I love my family. I am so blessed to have the 2 cutest kids in the world, dont fight me on it cause I know I do, and the BEST husband ever. They are the best. I love you guys!!


BrittanyB said...

I can't believe Nat sat through a pedi! It's all I can do to get Andi to let me keep her toenails trimmed!

lynne said...

Those nails are so cute!! I know Natalie must love them! And you're looking great Jeni. Keep up the good work! Love you guys!

Alysha said...

You look so cute!! Can't believe you're 22 weeks!! Love Natalie's toes - they're darling!

emblair said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who suffers from dinner time blues. Ugh...I hate cooking. But I love the toes!