Tuesday, May 25

Happy Tracks

Lets start with the most important: FOOD
WOW. This is divine. I have been looking for you all my life.

I always knew I have loved Blue Bell ice cream, and for those non believers - it is the best. I have tried alot of flavours that are all tasty, and only ONE so far that I didn't like. But now I have found heaven. Happy Tracks some may call it.
We are also a huge Pop-Ice and Popsicle family around here. Other than Sonic Ice, nothing really cools you down like these 20 calorie flavors of frozen ice. My fav flav?? Green(notice the flavor is actually a color since I dont think they have actual flavors!). But I will gladly take any.
We did something delishious this weekend. First, on Friday we had our friends Sam and Brit over and Brian made pulled pork, which took 24 hours, but it was the BEST pulled pork and cole slaw I have ever had. He is making it again on Thursday and I cant wait.

Then on Saturday we went to "Taste of Addison". Restaraunts from all over the City of Addison come and set up booths with samples of their menus at discounted rates. There was a carnival, and fun games and then that night was a concert. It was Train ("Hey Soul Sister"). So much fun and so yummy! Eric and Kat came with us to that since we had free VIP passes in.

Second most important: Sun and Water
Yesterday we had a HUGE breakthrough with the kids. As some may remember 2 weeks ago, her swim lessons didn't go so well. This last week they were GREAT and she did everything her teacher asked and even went under. She got REALLY scared after the fact, I am so proud of her! So pool time was a must this week. We went over to our pool yesterday not only was Natalie going under by herself, but she was floating around the pool alone. This is huge. She of course had a tube to float in, but she is usually so scared when she can no longer touch. Then to top it all off, she was plugging her nose to put her entire face in. GO NAT! Now for you swim experts out there, plugging nose on kids... good or bad?

So Stephen on the other hand has HATED even putting his toes in the water this year. This surprised me since he has NO FEAR anywhere else in life and loves the tub. But just even to put his feet in the pool was out of the question. Yesterday, after about 2 hours of slowly working him in, he couldn't get enough. He was mad I kept trying to hold his hand, and you know how wobbly they are in water at first! I guess he will learn the hard way! Anyway, it ended up being an awesome pool day! And I got a start on my long awaited summer tan!
Proof of no water rule for boots, we took out the sprinkler and while nat LOVED it, he decided to be the bystander. I hope by the end of the summer he is better! Oh and please ignore ugly grass, we are working on that!


Lynne said...

must post your recipe for pulled pork!

Spencer and Sara said...

I LOVE PULLED PORK AND SLAW!!!! I love BLUE BELL TOO. I had Banana Split flavor at the beach and whenever I eat it, it takes me back to the beach... mmmmmmm

jayme said...

We love Blue Bell ice cream!! I agree, you must post the recipe :)

Alysha said...

mmmmmm you made me hungry!

Sam and Brittany said...

A. I had that pulled pork for lunch today- still equally delish.
B. My partner teacher knows the guy that invented "Happy Tracks" for blue bell! We got a free sample for the kids at school!
C. I liked the vanilla with pinneapple better- I'm glad you forced me into that bowl.

Emma and John said...

mmm- what's in the happy tracks? Sounds good. We miss you guys a ton!! When are we getting together? The kids are looking so big!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Brian made chase a pork and slaw sandwich before we left Tony and Tori's on Saturday. I almost passed out it was so good. All I could think was, "HOW CAN I REPLICATE THIS?!" So please tell me he's bringing some of that camping. I will pay him for a sandwich and I'm not even joking. That stuff was killer. Absolutely Killer.

The Hartle's said...

Those kids are so dang cute! How did they grow up so fast! You look amazing as always too!

Cichy's said...

We are all about Blue Bell Rocky Road...divine! Only had it in Arizona though, don't know if they have it in Idaho!