Monday, May 31

Family is awesome

I only live by half of my family. All of the Rawlins live close by, but my Miller Family is all spread out. This makes me sad every day and I long for them to be closer. But I have to brag that the Rawlins are awesome. I am so blessed to have family close and so much of it.
This last weekend we spent every day together and we never get sick of each other. The kids all get along great and all the adults love each other so much! I truly feel blessed to have married into such an awesome family.

Thursday night, pool time/ pulled pork again. This, again, was divine and Delicious. Brian is an amazing cook and again I am super lucky. I honestly think he could open his own restaurant with the stuff he makes. But this pork is so good, and the real thing that makes it so good is his homemade BBQ sauce and the homemade slaw. I usually hate slaw, but put some of this on your bun with your pork and HOLY!! The boys ended this night with some night golf.
Friday the boys all golfed again, and then we went out with our good friends Justin and Andrea, cheesecake factory will never get old and I tried something new and was NOT let down! Crispy Spicy beef, with a side of Mac and Cheese. Pregnancy hormones taking over that decision but it was SO GOOD!

Saturday started out in tradition with IHOP breakfast, after Natalies last swim class of the month. I have been craving the Pancake stuffers with cheesecake for a while so I definitely satisfied that craving! Justin and Drea came with us to that and experienced first hand the Rawlins in all their glory! We are a lot to take in!
3 pregers.

Justin and Andrea are practically family now!
Then we headed over to a fun splash park/HUGE water park type of place. So fun and the kids had fun for HOURS. The only bummer was when a kid puked in the pool and they had to close the kid part down for over an hour to get it clean. At least they cleaned it out I guess! Nasty though. I was wondering if they had that blue dye in the water that dyes your pee blue if you peed in the pool!! haha I have always wanted to see that!

Sunday was more family over at Grandma and Grandpas house till late and then us girls finished up by watching Dear John. I always love a good cry and this movie is for sure a good one!! Channing, you are tasty! I came home that night to a TOTALLY rearranged bedroom... I am not sure how I feel about it but Brian was trying to change things up, and the fact that he is thinking about that, I have to give him a chance!
Today we had planned a super productive clean out the attic and get kids clothes organized day... We ended up getting a trampoline and bunk bed and having more pool party time and another BBQ grill out with the fam. Ah I am exhausted but had a really fun weekend. I feel like there is never enough time in the day or the night to do all that I want to do. I never had enough time to sleep either. The days and weeks seem to go faster and faster and I find myself always WAY too close to deadlines where things have to be done. I am not promising they are ever done in time, which is why I need more time. 2 more hours in a day, that would totally help!
Thank you Chase for staying over so late to figure out the trampoline!!
All I would change about my wonderful weekend is to have my family here too. I am selfish like that and miss all my fam like crazy!
And just to add, I know I say this all the time but Stephen is NUTS. He had already has his bath and was already in his pajamas the other night. I thought I had shut the bathroom door after I had walked out for a second. Boots always finds the loophole.


Meagan Cooper said...

Wow, you have had a busy weekend. I want Brian's pork and slaw recipe, sounds so good! You are looking SOOO cute jeni, Mike has been CRAVING an Ihop breakfast the past few weeks as well, your post has persuaded me to go there.. The kids are adorable as always. I wish we could get together soon, I miss you !

Alysha said...

hahhaha little monkey!! that's too funny. how wonderful to have such a good relationship with the in-laws. that's awesome!! boy have you been busy, but it sounds like its been fun :)

Spencer and Sara said...

I can't believe he got back in the tub- fully clothed. hahahahaha. You have to post Brians recipe (unless its a secret) because it sounds DIVINE.

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

How fun! I love family time. It's so great for the kids to have instant best friends. You three are the cutest pregnant sister-in-laws ever! Can't wait to meet the three little girls.

jayme said...

I am always hungry after reading your blog :) I love it!! I just called John and told him we need to go to the Cheesecake Factory.

lynne said...

cute pictures, fun weekend, you know how I'm feeling:)

abby and paxton said...

BUSY fun weekend for you! A tramp and a bunk bed! How fun.
Stephen is crazy... boys are crazy.