Wednesday, May 5

Stanley takes on Dallas

My niece sent us little Stanley in the mail to come check out Dallas. We have been waiting to do something cool that is STANLEY worthy and I kept thinking nothing was cool enough. So Caty-Lynne, here is your sneak peak of Stanley's day of fun in Dallas! We took him to see the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Stadium.

Then we headed on over to the Zoo. It was almost 95 degrees here today and so the kids were feeling EXTRA perky for pictures. As you can tell, I got some AWESOME shots of both of them looking and smiling! Kids are impossible to get pictures of.


abby and paxton said...

cute pictures from the previous post in the blue bonnets. Where did you find those??
Bummer about Canton!!! I wanted to go this month too, but just didn't because I thought the weather was going to be bad that Saturday. Next month I'm going for sure!!

Calloways said...

I'm laughing at your commentary of your picture taking efforts! I can totally hear your voice in my head. Miss you! Your kiddos look cute.

jayme said...

Cute pictures!!