Tuesday, April 27

Right at home

We decided to head out to the Rangers game last night as a family. The kids did awesome. Natalie learned about the pitcher, batter, and home runs mean fireworks! Boots didn't love that so much. But one thing for sure, we love baseball! This was the first game of the season for us and I LOVE IT!

So on the way, we stopped for gas. You gotta love the out of order sign.

And on the way home at 1030, we fully expected two sleepers. NATALIE totally got her second wind though, and devoured popcorn the whole way home.

I haven't talked about the kiddies little diddles lately, soooo here ya have it:

-I love how in Natalie's mind, everything happens tomorrow. "Mom, tomorrow we see Meewa k?" (that's Melia) "Mom, tomorrow my baby sister will come out ok?" "Tomorrow we can go to Canada." She says it about everything. It's either that or "Everyday ok?" "I see cousins, EEEVERYDAY!" "Eeeeveryday I will eat cookies."

-Then we always have to take turns with songs in the car. "Mom, after you listen your song, I listen my song k?" Or even when we sing together primary songs, she has to have her own turn making up songs about necklaces and puppies, then give me a turn for my songs (aka, the real songs). But she can sing all the words to 2 verses of follow the prophet now and is so proud of herself.

- a skirt or dress have to be worn daily. Shorts and pants always hurt. And sparkles have to be someone, shoes eyes, clothes.

- her prayers are getting so great and she is starting to have her own imagination with the things she prays for. She is learning to be super reverent and really getting into her scripture stories at night.

-Stephen on the other hand is a bucket of worms. He is all over the place. Not only physically but he will say ANYTHING! His favorite things to see are planes, tractors, and firetrucks. Sometimes even just cars on the road get him super excited.

- For a while, he said no to everything, even if he meant yes. He is now starting to shake his head when he really means no and then yes is just a softer nicer "no". You always have to ask yes after he says no to see if he means yes.

- he loves to give my tummy kisses and raspberries (the baby of course) but sometimes when you ask where the baby is, well most of the time, he aims for the bumps a little higher. REDIRECTION PLEASE.

- he is the happiest little boy ever and laughs at everything. He and Nat play together so well and are besties. I love to hear them together, usually causing trouble. I am learning to be a lot more lenient when it comes to what they get away with. I used to have a strict no jumping on furniture policy, but with monkey boy around, that is a lost cause. Not only is he laughing but he makes us all laugh ALL day long. He is hilarious.

- He will sit with his arms folded through all prayers, well he keeps his hands folded in his lap, that is folded. And Amen is heard WAY too many times through prayers.

- This kid loves to sing. He sings along and dances to all radio songs and anything that nat is singing. He has also gotten an attitude to the songs he doesn't like and will do this pig squeal until it stops. So annoying!

Anyway, that's all for now. They are doing good and they are both healthy which makes me happiest! Love these 2 Little's and cant wait for another to join our little fam!


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Okay we have been moving/traveling...and I finally read all your blog posts!

PREGNANT!!!! So happy for you! Do you guys know what you're having yet??? So exciting. You're a gorgeous preggo.

Chicago is awesome! Ryan's parents live there. They live about an hour outside of the city, but when we were there visiting with them last week, we went to the Shedd Aquarium! It was awesome!

And your kids are soooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stinking cute!!!!!!!!!!!

aidanjordan said...

Love those kids. Shelby did the same thing at first when we'd ask her where the baby was. Now I amstuck trying to explain nursing to her. Any tips on that one?!

BB said...

Those kids are rad. I wanna meet them!

Spencer and Sara said...

Love the updates! All the things they do are so cuuuute!