Thursday, May 6

It wasn't me

If there are tears involved or trouble in the air, Obviously someone is at fault and someone is in trouble. Most of the time, I wou,d guess that Natalie, beingtheolder sibling would be at fault. When I hear Stephen cry, it is probably something she did to bring this on.
So I hear the crying..."what's going on?"

And the reply I have been hearing as of late has not been anything to explain what is happening but rather the only other thing I hear is "boots did it!"

Somehow it is getting harder and harder to believe that it is his fault every single time.

Last night I finally had proof, I had put both kids to bed and had to go outside for about 30 minutes. When i came back in I noticed Natalie was awake and Stephen I know had been asleep for over an hour. My glasses were sitting on her bed. This is a huge no. They know not to touch my glasses. When I asked her why she had them she didn't have an answer. When I told her that she was NOT allowed to touch them, her reply was this "mommy, I not do it. Boots just did it." hmmm hard to believe since he cant get out of his crib, or open his door.
So here is my question, how do you explain to your 3 year old that she is lying?

Cause boots might be sneaky, but I can assure you, he is usually not the culprit!


BrittanyB said...

We are having the same problem! I just keep telling Andi that even if mommy doesn't catch her it's till wrong, and Heavenly Father sees her and knows she is doing bad things.
Good luck!

aidanjordan said...

I am going to have to talk with Shelby about Heavenly Father and Jesus being able to see her. Hopefully that will work since she is already blaming Joey for things!