Saturday, May 8

Bacon Drippings

I hate the smell of Bacon in the air. I love it when I am about to devour endless amounts but the after smell is so gross, especially when it is in your hair and clothes.
This morning Brian had the Annual Scout pancake breakfast and again the bacon left me smelling nasty and feeling like a giant piece of bacon walking around. But the breakfast was fun and tasty as always! My kids kinda skipped the pancakes and went only for bacon and juice. I think Stephen had 12 pieces of bacon, I am not kidding.

BUT even earlier this morning came a BIG day for us. Natalie started her first swim lesson. It was a little rough at first, lots of tears and hiding behind my legs. I eventually bribed her into the water though and she did awesome. Here she is with her 2 teachers who were so good!
Something that brightened my day the other day was a special treat that Kathleen brought me back all the way from Utah. YOU ARE THE BEST. Cafe Rio dressing and tortillas. mmmmmmmm it was so tasty! Earlier that day we had headed over to Costa Vida, which I have heard is "like" Cafe Rio. It was very yummy, no CR but very yummy!
Then there was the party night for all apparently. Last night we decided to go out on our Anniversary dinner. Really just another excuse to go out since we obviously have celebrated our anniversary like 5 times this year. Anyway, we went to Pappadeaux steakhouse for dinner, my filet was melty and Divine! And then we went over for Iron Man 2. It was good but late. I kinda drifted off for a few minutes. Like I said, good but I had a few problems with it. I thought some scenes that should have lasted longer, like at the end, ended very quickly. Almost as though they were trying to rush it. But it was good.

So when we got home, I could tell Barbie had gone wild as well in Nat's room.


BrittanyB said...

I have to tell you I found a recipe for Rio dressing. It's fabulous and makes me happy ;)

Sean said...

oh that girl doesn't stop partying I'm tellin ya! Now she's got Barbie followers!

jayme said...

I ate at Costa Vida on Thursday. I agree with you. It is good, but not like Cafe Rio!

BB said...

you gotta try the chips and queso from costa vida...heaven, Oh and that Barbie is a tad creepy=)