Wednesday, June 2

98 degrees

They were an excellent group weren't they?

But really this is what we do all day when it is 98 degrees outside. I think it was over 100 actually.

Pool and Sprinkler. I spent over 5 hours out in the sun in the privacy of my own backyard today and it was awesome. No better way to spend nap time then suntanning on a trampoline chomping on some sonic ice!
And one of my biggest pet peeves it dirty children. I bathe my children daily, with the exception of a really really tired kid or something crazy! But baths and bed are always in my routine because when they wake up in the morning I want to kiss all over them and not worry about what is all over their fingers.

MOVIE SIDE NOTE, we went and saw Alice and Wonderland this weekend and we thought it was EXCEPTIONAL! It was so good, way better than expected and so not weird like we thought! Anyway, I hate it when punk kids come in and talk, move around, and text all through the movie. If this happens at the Eclipse midnight viewing, I will throw down some fist, and you DONT want to mess with a group of pregnant women at Eclipse!


Proud Momma said...

Haha...that made me laugh and is your trampoline on a hill?

lynne said...

Boots doesn't look too happy on the trampoline. They sure are cute in their robes!

Cichy's said...

I'm with you on the bedtime bath! Love it! Glad to hear about the movie, cause I have heard it was weird!

Alysha said...

I wish we had weather like that. Raining yet again grrrrr.
I really liked Alice in Wonderland, but then again, I'm a huge Depp and Tim Burton fan!!

jayme said...

Thats funny about Alice in Wonderland, we just watched it too. We really liked it as well. The trampoline looks like a lot of fun!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Chase and I are seriously considering a trampoline after yesterday. That was HEAVENLY. The kids were crazy in love.
And we love that all the Rawlins' are:
A. Not crazy (with the exception of you - KIDDING:)
B. Live close
C. Easy to be around.
It makes it fun to live here. We love you guys!

Spencer and Sara said...