Wednesday, May 15


Natalie has been so brave and awesome with her cast. What a pain to have it on and not be able to itch(she's the queen of itching), or get it wet when everyone is pooling or playing in the sprinkler, or just playing in he tub which is her favorite time of day. She has gotten 2 of them cut off and is onto her 3rd cast now. She hasn't really complained much and I am so proud of her! Of anyone, she is the complainer so it's been great to see happy side of her.

She wakes up grumpy everyday and so we made a little chart. It was a happy chart for every morning while she gets ready for school. If she can do it and be happy she gets a smiley face, if not than its a frowny face. She did it for 3 weeks only missing a few days that she had to make up for at the end. We promised her a bike at the end. So the day she completed it all, we took her down to frisco resale(second hand shop) and she chose out her new to her bike. Purple and sparkly, and kinda dirty... She was ecstatic to get it home, clean it off, and start riding her big girl bike! Now I can't wait to get that cast off to help make re riding easier! She is saving up for a basket and a bell. I'm really glad we didn't take her to get a new bike because it is teaching her that we don't always need new when this is perfectly good. It was also 7.50$ which can't be beat!

Proud of my happy sweet girl!

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Proud Momma said...

thanks for sending your stinky cast home with Sean and putting in on my kitchen counter...what a treat!