Thursday, May 23


Courtney has been doing very good with potty training, except for going number two. She has been going in her panties for the last month every day without fail. Yesterday I walked into a room and just knew that she needed to go, if she hadn't gone already. She hadn't so I asked her if she would go on the potty and she immediately said no. I then began to bribe everything in the book that I could for her to go. We could get an ice cream cone, a Slurpie, candy, we could even go and get a new toy at the store. Nothing was working then she started to think for a few minutes by herself. 
"Mom, can I get a toy from the dollar store for baby Alyssa?" I said sure, but I told her that she could get a toy for herself if she wanted too. 
She wanted nothing to do with that. She then asked if while we were at the dollar store if she could walk instead of riding the cart.  Of course I Said yes. She was so excited, and then she continued to go to the bathroom. It took a few minutes But she knew the end result. We immediately left and went to the dollar store or she picked out a toy for her little friend who just turned one. 
We delivered it to her house andshe could   hardly contain herself!! 
Whatever works right? 

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