Friday, May 31

Re cap

I blogged way more this month, but clearly I took more pictures than I could handle because here are the rest of the month in pictures! 

Went bowling with "the legends."
Played games, played play dough, dressed up like Mr. I for school, ate sour gum, and was adorably too busy and active and crazy as always. Nothing broken but drove me crazy every day. 

Field day, dance parties, play dough, date night at epic(not good), field trip to safety town, and ending it off with some crazy fever and racing heart rate... Not sure what's going in there. Working on Sassing me and not being so negative. Still rubbing her blanket shirt seatbelt or anything around her all day long.

Play dough, just being sweet and silly and getting her own attitude. What she does Most though is talk talk talk... all day long over and over. She's been spending a lot more time in her room for being naughty and has picked up screaming. Don't like that one! She prefers to hang out with me and when she doesn't get her way will throw a fit. She's the baby and I milk it! But again chatty chatty little thing! Never stops ever!

I sometimes find myself getting frustrated and mad at my kids for bugging me or coming down stairs or asking for snacks or whining or whatever... I am learning that usually it means they need some extra attention. It's a nice reminder that I'm spending too much time on my phone or cleaning and not spending enough time with them.... Hence there was play dough, outside play, games, books, and tickles this month. They needed some extra mom time from me. 


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Thanks for this! I also get bugged with the extra questions and endless touching, but when I focus on brin without any interruptions, she's happy to have a moment to herself and then I get quiet time too!

shahna said...

I'm loving your new chevron drapes. And my monthly summary according to my iphone pics is always my favorite post I do on my blog because it is such a great catalog of all the things we do that I have forgotten about.