Tuesday, May 21


Well the pollen in the air must be high because I am going crazy!! I have really bad allergies this spring. It's crazy how in Canada and even when I lived in Utah there was nothing that effected me. Then I moved to Texas and slowly they started after a few years. They have now progressed after 8 years to really terrible miserable allergies. I get stuffed up and can't breathe, but it's still running constantly, I get red itchy watery eyes, I get a cough and sore throat, constant sneezing, and I get a headache.

 Last night I had a migraine that put me out for the count. I was in bed from 3- all night. I couldn't move. 
The worst part is, I told the kids I was sick and be good, don't bother me. I knew they would get into some trouble but I was ok so much pain I didn't care. The first thing I heard was Natalie "mom, boots and Courtney are eating raw hot dogs and they are making a huge mess on the backyard with food. Food is everywhere." I replied that I don't care. She then added "and Courtney pooped her pants and its everywhere." Oh joy! Man, can't a girl just get some rest to get rid of her migraine?! 
I went to see a dr and here is all that is going on with me to try and keep them under control. Is it working? No. But I can't give up cause they would knock me out for good. 

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