Thursday, May 9

It's a date

Every so often we like to take the kids out on dates one on one. However now that we have three kids that makes it difficult to get a babysitter for one of them especially when she's two and throws a fit. So this last weekend Brian took Natalie out on a date and I was going to take boots and Courtney decided to come along with us.(the truth is that Natalie did not want to share for date with Courtney so boots willingly volunteered that she could come along with us, he is such a sweet brother.) With a four and a two-year-old who won't sit through much, And being on a budget, it made it difficult for me to choose a date.

They said they wanted nachos and frozen yogurt. So we went to Del taco and to the local gas station that sells frozen yogurt. We then headed home to put Courtney to bed. Boots and I Stayed up a little later to watch wreck it Ralph.

I think Natalie and daddy did about the same but they did it at a different location. It's funny that our kids when they are given an opportunity to choose anything to do choose food and to watch a movie they don't care where either. They are happy with our couch! Love them!

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