Thursday, May 16

Door signs

Natalie loves to make signs for her door that limit who has access to it. She is very particular about the way she sets up the doll house or her American girl doll(or anything) and when people go in her room, of course it gets messed up. It's Courtney, and guests, and boots, really anyone except her. But she knows she'll get in trouble if she didn't let anyone in her room. Instead she makes signs that say "no boys allowed". She sticks it on her door and naturally boots feels left out and sad since he is the only boy.

Well he decided yesterday to make his own sign. He asked me to help him spell "no girls allowed" but I told him that wasn't very nice to do. He has a tender heart and of course agreed. He had to think quickly of something else that is not allowed in his room. This answer came very quickly and he thinks he is brilliant. "No popcorn allowed in my room". Obviously.

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aidanjordan said...

Haha! Boots is so cute. Love that kid.