Monday, May 13

Mother's Day

I had a real life Mother's Day yesterday. It started wonderfully... My awesome sister sent me a cookie bouquet, which is gone. then it was Breakfast in bed and 3 sweet goobers who all picked out sweet gifts! Nail polish, a tumbler and roses.
After we started getting ready for church, Courtney started throwing up. So I stayed home with the little sickie.
Within a few hours I wasn't feeling so hit either and joined the club. We snuggled and napped and threw up together. It was special bonding time... Ok it was horrible, but luckily it was short lived!
The rest of the family went to grandmas for a fun dinner with the Rawlins crew, and when they got home sweet Brian made my bed up and got me tucked in and the kids to bed. He's the best.

So happy Mother's Day. I blessed to have the best kids that make me so proud to be a mother every single day. It is truly the best job in the whole world. It is really hard and tiring but I wouldn't trade it for anything. They are worth the tears, stresses, frustration, happiness, giggles, smiles, kisses, and everything else that comes along with it.

I also love the mothers I have in my life who are the best examples to me. First and best - my mum. She is the person who taught me about Christlike love and compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, charity, and unconditional giving to your family. I know I can turn to her for anything I am having trouble with, and anything I am excited or proud of, and she will share those feelings with me. She's cried with me, laughed with me, sat with me on the phone when I've been on the brink of going crazy and locked myself in my room, she's sat by my side in the hospital when I thought I would die and held my hand till I fell asleep. She is the best mother in the world and I'm so lucky that she is mine.

I have the most wonderful examples all around me, sister, sister in laws, mother in law, and friends. I look up to all of them and know they are all always there for me. Happy Mother's Day to all the best mums I know( that's all the mums I know!).

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aidanjordan said...

So stinky that you guys were sick! Glad it didn't last long! Happy Mother's Day! Love ya!