Sunday, May 19

Poison ivy

What's crazy is that Texas seems a lot like Calgary. I think it looks a lot a like, other than the lack of mountains and cleanliness. But I am always surprised at how different the two can be. We went camping this weekend and there were several differences that I noticed:

1. Poison ivy. We don't have this up there and it was everywhere. I think I was a little a lot paranoid about it and kept seeing it seriously everywhere.

2. Snakes. I am pretty sure we didn't have any up there... But even if we did, we didn't have copper heads and rattle snakes to be on the look out for.

3. Raccoons to eat your treats you leave out or to eat your trash. Yes we had bears, and yes bears are scarier, but raccoons scare me too!

4. Bugs bugs bugs. That sums up Texas summer for ya. So you have your regular Rollie pollies, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, but you also have poisonous spiders, and chiggers. We don't have those in Canada, nor do we have red fire ants. Too many biting itchy bugs.

4. Sweaty humid heat. It gets warm up there in July and August, but it was disgustingly hot. 90 doesn't seem bad but it was with he humidity.

So it was great. The kids explored around, Natalie hated the out houses and s'mores, Courtney loved the little tree swing, and boots loved canoeing and fishing with me. Natalie is a scary car or everything. So am I. Brian and I took a walk at 2am to the trash and I was freaked out the whole time. I hate being scared of the dark. A frog jumped up my leg, so I didn't like that either. So it was a blast regardless of the pancakes not working out for breakfast, and getting the worst sleep ever.


Alysha said...

You're brave! I won't even camp up here haha. Looks like you had fun though.

Abby said...

Just saw this. So fun - love all the pics. This is the first time in prob 9 months that I've looked at anyone's blog. Glad I did.