Monday, November 5

Future Photographer

Tonight for Family Home Evening we decided, I decided, to make homemade donuts.Natalie snuck into my purse and stole my camera to take some pictures of the event. I didn't mind, since I am never in any pictures. She is pretty good at capturing some key moments!
They had so much fun cutting out the donuts and the holes!! It was tough waiting until the final product was done. To keep our time, we had a lesson on letter writing.  They each got to chose someone special to write a letter to. They both chose a friend who is serving our country overseas, they wrote and drew some sweet pictures for him. 
And then FINALLY Daddy came home nice and late and we fried those puppies up and ate ate ate. Natalie was the only one that liked them, other than Brian and I. And lets just say, now I feel sick.
Courtney was sick last night, and I am thankful there was only one carpet incident, the rest were on the wood floor. That sure makes it easy for cleanup! She is feeling better today and was all in there with things to do. I dont understand how kids can be so resiliant when it comes to fevers and throwing up (or as courtney calls it, Growing up "Mom, I dont want to grow up.") But can be so sick and just be going going going like nothing it gonna bring them down! I pray  I dont get it! I hate being sick.

I cant believe that there is an election tomorrow. I remember the last few, but this was my first year EVER to vote! You bet I did it early and I did!! I felt so good to vote for who I think will be the best for our Country for some changes that need to happen. I love this country and feel blessed to live in it. The suspense and anxiety is killing me and will until probably wens morning!! ACK!!

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Alysha said...

a) good job natalie!
b) love your kitchen - i wanna see the rest of your place!
c) you look so cute!
d) now i want donuts haha