Sunday, November 25

Christmas Bubbles

Thanksgiving was another wonderful Holiday with Family and those we love around us. We passed around more feathers for our turkey who quickly got filled up with things people are thankful for. Choklit, sonic happy hour, family living close, the troops, great grandchildren, and so many more things were thought about. We are truly blessed and  have so much to be thankful for. I was especially thankful for the chocolate pie, and lemon meringue pie this year! mm. OK, but for real, I was really thankful for healthy happy family to be all together.
I skipped the black Friday shopping this year. I did it a few years ago and went to wait in line at Toys'rus for some Christmas gifts. It was nuts. The people were crazy, the store was insane and I just don't ever find the need to go back again. Unless there was something I am just DYING to have that is on a crazy sale, it isn't worth it to me. So I passed, went to a movie and had a good night sleep!
Needing a night out of the house, Brian surprised us all by taking us to this new public park in a local community that had its light up ceremony on Friday. It was beautiful!! They had thousands of lights on hundreds of trees and the kids LOVED running around and picking out their favorites. There was a band playing and little boothes set up selling things. There were food trucks with cupcakes and hot dogs and deep fried oreos. It was a lot of fun! I dont know why lights put me in the Christmas spirit, but they do a great job of it and make me feel all Christmasy inside! Great way to ring in the season!
Natalie was our little photographer for this picture, since we never get pictures of the 2 of  us since we are always taking them or chasing kids or something. She did pretty good eh?! 

We then told them we would go find a treat, given all of the treats there were super expensive. We tried a few diners for pie or dessert, but they were all closed for the Holidays...sooo we ended up going to a place that sells bubble tea. We got smoothies, with bubbles. The kids hated the bubbles. I thought for sure they would love it and think it was pretty cool. The first one was cool, then there were hundreds more in their drink. It got old fast. So Bubbles in smoothies for the future are a big fat NO!


jayme said...

Totally agree with you about Black Friday! :-) I am thankful for happy hour at sonic too!

emblair said...

Looks like a super fun park...where is it? And I'm with you on Black Friday shopping. In store is complete madness! I do all mine online...get the exact same deals, free shipping, and no lines. No brainer!