Sunday, November 11

We work out

Saturday my old ward did a walk to theDallas LDS Temple. It was 18.1 miles, which we ended up doing a little more like 19/20. There is always something standing in the way of getting to the temple isn't there?! Anyway, it was so much fun to walk with these wonderful girls and their leaders and feel of the spirit that was there. My legs hurt and I know the girls were dying in pain. Blisters, exhaustion, leg cramps, sore feet, but it was so much fun and an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.
Natalie is a very athletic little girl. She loves to race other kids and beat them. I try to teach her that she doesn't always have to win, but to be honest, I am not going to crush that winning instinct cause it is great! So she had her first boosterthon fun run at school this last week and she was determined to run all the laps that she could. I am sure it wasn't JUST to get every dollar she could out of her sponsors...but of course she did it. She ran the whole time and only stopped once for a little water break. She ran by to give high fives, but barely would look at me the whole time. She didn't not smile much as she gets so embarressed of me already. I hate that. She LOVES me in real life, and she thinks I am really cool, so I was sad that she didn't show any love! haha But she did great and ran the whole way like a trooper!!
Then on Saturday Libby, Anna, and I got all DIRTY at a Mud run. It was the first time we had done anything like this and it was S
O MUCH FUN!! I will for sure be signing up in the future for more of these! My goal was to get as dirty as possible. I was drenched in Mud and I even got my face splatted in it and a mouth full of mud. GACK!!  My arms are sore today, I think from the adult sized monkey bars that I dominated. Funny thing, I have never been able to do monkey bars at the park with the kids and in the moment at the race, its like I had all this extra strength I never knew I had! I could go longer and tougher next time too!


Alysha said...

love the mud shirts!
how cool to walk to the temple. that is a looong walk. i wouldn't mind doing that (since it's around the corner haha)

Iron Dan said...

that looks fun to be all muddy and covered in mother earth! you should have done it barefoot