Wednesday, November 7

crazy birds

There are these crazy black birds here in our area every fall. They come around and flock at dusk to certain intersections and all over the roofs of homes in the surrounding neighbourhoods. I don't know what kind they are or what they are looking for.. but they are creepy, and loud. Go away creepy black birds.
So there is nothing better than moving into a house that is finally completed, to have to rip it up again. We have been noticing a few bumps in the carpet upstairs. So we pulled it up with the help of the builder to check it all out. We thought it was going to be something easy to fix. It was not. It never is. So our upstairs sat like this for a few days and no kids were allowed as there were nails and nasty raw wood, boots got a sliver from it. Anyway, they ended up having to come in and replace the wood on the floor and then put back all of the carpet again. What a mess. there was dust and dirt and carpet stuff everywhere. After a while tonight, I got everything cleaned up and put back together where it belongs.
Now,  I have had several requests for pictures of the new house. They aren't coming any time soon.  I tend to have a problem with feeling like things have to be finished in order to share pictures, well nothing will be finished for a while. And by while I mean, like 4 plus months. ha ha It is all a work in progress! But to tide you over, here is the awesome ikea bed we got for boots and the kids LOVES it!! Other than the fact that he wakes up every morning WAY too early, this bed rocks!
PS. get this Halloween candy out of my house. ASAP.


Alysha said...

birds like that scare me! ever seen hitchcock's the birds? i was scared of birds for a loong time after that hahaha.

Iron Dan said...

bake them in a pie. hey i want to get our kids beds like that with the tent. that is cool.