Tuesday, November 20

I am one of them

I make fun of the moms that don't enjoy the moments. They have their camera's out taking a whole bunch of pictures and are at every event...some could say they are great parents. But I make fun of them. They have to capture every movement their kindergartner makes at everything. Well.... I have officially turned into one. FINE, I have been one all along. I will still make fun of them, and make fun of myself, but I will also LOVE that I am one. Especially later in their lives when I will have thousands of pictures for us to look at and choose from for their wedding videos, or their special presentation when they are 50 or whatever.
Well Natalie had her first Kindergarten Program at school. First, I think it is hilarious that they can't say God or Christmas at school, BUT they can sing a while program about Indians. I mean, maybe it is the Canadian in me thinking that a little off.... but regardless, it was so cute! They did the ABC's of Thanksgiving and sang a whole bunch of songs. Natalie barely sang and barely smiled till the end, she was super nervous after she saw all of the people.
Papa was so sweet to take the time to come and see her perform. He took us out for some Dairy Queen after. I am fully aware that DQ does not have the best ice cream around, but I blame it on me growing up in Canada where DQ is the most fabulous ice cream EVER. So now I love it at any time of day, any day of the week, even if there is blue bell ice cream at the store, or braums down the road.
Back to whats Important... Natalie as a Pilgrim and was very adorable!  
Earlier in the day, they had a "first feast" where all of the kinder's met up for this cute feast with grapes and crackers and cheese. We went over to see her and Courtney quickly found her way over to Natalie so she could steel food. Again, I was totally that mom, haha.

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Calloways said...

Glad you said something about the whole Indian singing thing. We had that going on and I think it's totally bizarre. I can't figure if it is Canadian in me or if everyone thinks it's weird but they do it anyway. In Ryan's class they fully had them doing the hand over the mouth - you know ba-ba-ba-ba - and all I'm thinking is, you're allowed to do that?!? She is super cute and I can totally picture you taking a million pictures :)