Saturday, December 31

The Night before

There is nothing much that comes close to Christmas in Canada. It hasn't snowed much at all but it has been so much fun. Brian and Robin and their kids came and everyone has had so much fun. I made the girls some matching santa skirts this year and they were so adorable. It was impossible to get a picture of them though!
We had a HUGE moment for Natalie and for me. She is 5 and she lost her first tooth. It had been sore and a little lose for a few months and it was getting more lose. That morning it was really lose, but I never imagined it would happen so fast! We went to the movie Aurthur Christmas, which was very cute, and while eating popcorn in the middle of the movie, she wispers over to me "MOM! I lost my tooth!!" She handed her tiny tooth over and although we forgot to put it under her pillow that night, the next night the tooth fairy came and left some sweet cash!

We had an adult date night out to Joseph and the Technicolor dreamcoat. It was...interesting. But the company is always fun and good for a lot of laughs!

Then the day before Christmas eve, we went on a sleigh ride. The kids were all bundled up and loved being out in the snow and trees. I, on the other hand, was freezing.

That night, we had a very special visit from the big guy. There was a knock at the door and in walks SANTA CLAUS! He was so awesome! The kids all loved him and all got a chance to talk to him, ask him anything they want, and sit on his lap. He left a little while later to start all his plans or Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve, we of course did our traditional nativity, thanks to Newby for helping participate with all the kids. Nat was an angel, Boots was Joseph, and Courtney was a half angel, half shepard, half wanderer. Singing Carols, opening some Christmas jammies, and then the Cousin gift exchange and the kids were all off to bed.

Christmas morning we headed down for Santa, the pitter patter of the kiddos was so sweet! I love to see the looks on their faces and see their excitment! We got ready for church and headed to a wonderful musical Christmas program about the Savior. SEE NEXTPOST BELOW!


Emily S said...

Christmas's in Calgary are the best, aren't they?
It's too bad we didn't see you guys...I was looking forward to it when Mark said we might, next time I guess!!
Happy new year!

aidanjordan said...

Cute skirts!! Teach me!